2014 Paid Critiques

Need more help and encouragement on a manuscript?

In addition to the free 15-minute appointments you receive, you may want to take advantage of this opportunity to have your work reviewed prior to the conference by the seasoned professional(s) of your choice (see below) in preparation for a 30 minute appointment.

There is a charge of $35 for each critique, payable when you register. Since a limited number of consultations are available, we encourage you to register early to reserve your space so you will not be disappointed.

Your manuscript needs to be postmarked by April 19 and sent to CCWC Paid Critiques, c/o Margie Vawter, 959 Julian St., Marshfield, MO 65706. Please include the transmittal form you will receive as part of your acknowledgment packet when you register.

Double space your manuscript leaving at least a 1" margin for comments from your critiquer. Limit 12 pages unless otherwise noted. Please do not exceed the requested page count.

My paid manuscript review gave me the most thorough
and helpful manuscript review I've had to date
Clement Hanson

Please visit again for possible additions to this list.


Any nonfiction EXCEPT Gift Books and Women's Issues - Dean Merrill

Articles (one or two articles with a total word length of no more than 1,800 words - check the length requirements of the market you are aiming for) - Twila Belk, Debbie Hardy, Sherri Langton, Marti Pieper, Ava Pennington, Chris Richards (inspirational), Margie Vawter, Jim Watkins

Profiles and teaching articles (1800 words) - Sherri Langton, Ava Pennington, Marti Pieper, Jim Watkins

Personal experience stories and articles (1,500 words) - Twila Belk, Sherri Langton, Ava Pennington, Marti Pieper, Margie Vawter, Jim Watkins

Bible studies (12 pages) - Terri Kalfas, Ava Pennington, N. Paul Williams, Jim Watkins

Devotionals (1-4 devotionals for a total word count of 1,200) - Twila Belk, Sherri Langton, Ava Pennington, Marti Pieper, Margie Vawter, Jim Watkins. Also Rick Marschall who is currently writing two devotionals for Tyndale House, did two audio devotional series with Bill Bright, Pat Boone, etc., and writes the weekly Monday Morning Music Ministry (almost three years old, now up to 32,000 hits).

Nonfiction Book Proposals (with Table of Contents) - Twila Belk, Catherine Lawton, Rick Marschall, Ava Pennington, Marti Pieper, Linda Evans Shepherd, Jim Watkins

Nonfiction Books (first chapter - limit 12 pages) - Larry Carpenter (any genre), Debbie Hardy, Terri Kalfas, Catherine Lawton, Rick Marschall, Ava Pennington, Marti Pieper, Jim Watkins

Gift books and devotionals, women's inspirational writing - Twila Belk, Ava Pennington, Marti Pieper

Women's issues, women's lit, devotionals, memoir, inspiration - Debbie Hardy, Catherine Lawton, Marti Pieper



Articles, Devotionals, Short Stories (1500 words) -

Biography - Nancy Lohr

Picture Books (900 words) - Sally Apokedak, Rick Marschall who worked for Disney and did a book with Dr. Seuss.

Early Readers (12 pages) - Sally Apokedak, Sheila Seifert

Chapter Books (12 pages) - Sally Apokedak, Sheila Seifert

Nonfiction Books (12 pages) - Sally Apokedak

Novels (synopsis and first chapter, limit 12 pages) - Sally Apokedak, Nancy Lohr, Tim Shoemaker

YA, Tweens, and Teens

Short fiction
(maximum 2000 words) - Sally Apokedak, Marti Pieper

Short nonfiction (1,500 words) - Sally Apokedak, Marti Pieper, Sheila Seifert

Biography - Nancy Lohr, Marti Pieper

Memoir - Marti Pieper

Nonfiction book (12 pages) - Sally Apokedak, Marti Pieper, Rick Marschall former Editor of Marvel; Editor at Youth Specialties; worked on youth curricula with Doug Fields at Saddleback, Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry, etc.

Novels (12 pages including synopsis) - Sally Apokedak, Terri Kalfas, Rowena Kuo, Dave Lambert, Nancy Lohr, Kimberley Woodhouse

Fiction (One sheet, synopsis, first chapter or portion - limit 12 pages)

Any genre - Larry Carpenter, Rowena Kuo

Action/Adventure - N. Paul Williams, Charlie Wolcott

Biblical fiction - Catherine Lawton, Chris Richards

Contemporary - Dave Lambert, Catherine Lawton, Linda Evans Shepherd, Margie Vawter

Contemporary Suspense - Terri Kalfas

Contemporary Romance - Sally Apokedak, Susan Baganz, Tiffany Amber Stockton

Crime/mystery - Margie Vawter

Fantasy - Sally Apokedak, Terri Kalfas, Charlie Wolcott

Futuristic - Sally Apokedak

Historical - Susan Baganz, Catherine Lawton, Rick Marschall, Tiffany Amber Stockton, Margie Vawter, Kimberley Woodhouse

Issues fiction - Catherine Lawton

Legal/political thrillers - Margie Vawter

Literary - Catherine Lawton

Romance - Sally Apokedak, Susan Baganz, Debbie Hardy, Chris Richards, Tiffany Amber Stockton, Margie Vawter, Kimberley Woodhouse

Romantic Suspense - Sally Apokedak, Susan Baganz, Terri Kalfas, Chris Richards

Science fiction - Sally Apokedak

Speculative fiction - Sally Apokedak, N. Paul WIlliams, Charlie Wolcott

Supernatural Thriller - N. Paul WIlliams

Suspense - Chris Richards, N. Paul WIlliams, Kimberley Woodhouse

Suspense and Thriller - Margie Vawter, N. Paul Williams

Women's Fiction - Terri Kalfas, Chris Richards, Linda Evans Shepherd, Margie Vawter


Blog writing (provide your URL) - Dianne E. Butts will evaluate 2 or 3 short blog posts with suggestions on ways to increase traffic - from a non Techno person (like the workshop she is teaching on Saturday).

Humor - Liz Cowen Furman, Rick Marschall (total 1,500 words), Jim Watkins

Marketing plans - Valuable feedback on websites, publicity materials (news release and flyer or other PR piece), and brainstorming marketing ideas - Twila Belk, Sheila Siefert

Plays, Puppet Scripts, or Dramas  (maximum 10 pages) -

Poetry (five poems no longer than 20 lines each)

Screenplays (limit 10 pages) - Dianne E. Butts, Rowena Kuo

Songs (Two songs with double spaced lyric sheet, music if written out, MP3 or CD - please listen to the CD to make sure it recorded properly) - Becky Spencer

Website evaluation (mail URL to mbagnull@aol.com) - Megan Breedlove, Sheila Seifert, Tiffany Amber Stockton, Jim Watkins