2015 Wednesday Earlybirds

Wednesday’s Early Bird Workshops are a great way
to get acclimated,
learn more, and make new friends.

Cost: $25 for one, $40 for two, $55 for three
if you register for one or more days.
Coming only on Wednesday?
Cost: $40 for one, $65 for two, $85 for three

Coming a distance? Tuesday night lodging available.

1:00 - 2:00   

E1 – Rhino Skin: Why You Need It; How to Get It – Marti Pieper
We say it. We hear it: “Develop rhino skin.” But what does it mean, and how do we develop it? In this workshop you’ll learn the difference between “critique” and “criticism,” the proper way to receive edits, and more. Marti, who works as both a writer and an editor, speaks from both sides of the desk in this interactive workshop designed to help you think tough as you maintain the desire and passion that writing requires. 

E2 – The Over 50 Writer – Chris Richards
Ever feel like you are too old to start writing? This interactive workshop discusses the pros and cons of starting a writing career later in life.

E3 – A Simple Start to Self-Editing and Critiquing - Kim Woodhouse
Many writers get overwhelmed when reading long books about self-editing, wondering how to remember all of it. Some authors even abhor the editing process because it's a lot to take in — especially the coming dreaded "revision letter." This workshop will help each participant narrow in on a one-page list to self-edit any and all of their manuscripts. 

E4 – Insider’s Tips – A Fiction Editor Reveals
       Tricks of the Trade He Imparts to His Top Authors – Dave Lambert

In the nearly thirty years Dave has been editing fiction, his goal has always been to make each novelist he works with a better writer with each novel. To that end, join Dave as he presents some of the fiction technique tricks of the trade that he presents to even highly successful and prolific authors to take their skill to the next level.

E5 – Writing an Amazing Query Letter – Susan Mathis
Whether you are writing a query letter for an article or for a book editor to read, come and find out how to create an amazing query letter that editors will stop and notice! 

1:00 - 3:30    An afternoon with Scrivener!

E5 - Scrivener from Zero to 60 
       Get up and running—and writing—with Scrivener TODAY - Debbie Maxwell Allen 

Scrivener software is an increasingly popular tool for writers, yet there’s a steep learning curve. Many writers own the program but don’t maximize the use of the best features. Others shy away from having to learn “another thing.” This workshop will familiarize you with Scrivener and get you writing on your manuscript the same day. Learn to navigate the software, import your manuscript and every last scrap of research, plus how to take advantage of Scrivener’s most helpful features. Bring your computer with Scrivener already downloaded. (You can try it free for 30 days.)

2-½ hours for only $40 – the price of two 60-minute workshops
Add E12 Self-Publishing with Scrivener or another 4:15 – 5:45 workshop
for only $15 more!

2:15 – 3:15

E7 – Marketing for Introverts – Catherine Lawton
Do you quake in your boots at the thought of approaching a bookstore manager, videotaping an author interview, or speaking before an audience? You are not alone! Learn how introverted authors have succeeded at connecting with an audience, sharing their expertise, working with retailers, and growing a loyal readership.

E8 – Making Sense of It All – Susan Mathis
It’s easy to lose the beauty of the moment, the awareness of the senses, the delight in the small things, and the sweet simplicity that can make your writing life, and your writing itself, so full and vibrant. Come for a hands-on workshop to ignite your creativity in a whole new way, engage your senses, and be amazed how it’ll bring your writing alive!

E9 – Perseverance and Writing – Kim Woodhouse
We will discuss the need for perseverance not just in the “work” of writing, but also in developing purpose statements for participants’ careers and looking at Scripture and what it says about perseverance. This is a deeply spiritual class, not just a “nuts and bolts” class.

E10 – Writing from a Biblical Worldview – Charlie Wolcott
If we are to “Write His Answer” we must have a biblical worldview. We must be Bereans and discern what is of God and what is not. Find out why it is so important to write from a biblical worldview and see how this idea applies to all genres. 

E11 – Getting the Book inside of You to Come Out – Debbie Hardy
How do you get the book inside of you to come out? And then what? We'll cover the process from writing to pitching, submitting, publishing, publicity, and marketing. And you'll get a basic knowledge of writing terms, dispelling many myths of the publishing world.

3:00 – Check in with YMCA

3:30 – 4:00    First-Timer’s Orientation  – FREE!

4:15 – 5:45

E12 – Self-Publishing with Scrivener – Debbie Maxwell Allen
Not everyone is aware of one of Scrivener’s most-valued features: the ability to publish easily to multiple platforms. For writers aiming toward indie publishing, Scrivener's easy-to-learn interface is the tool to get your work into the marketplace. Even if your project requires different formatting, illustrations, footnotes, or hyperlinks, Scrivener can handle what you throw at it. Find out the streamlined steps to export your work directly into an epub, Kindle, iBooks, or .pdf format, and take the headaches out of self-publishing.

E13 – Crafting a Winning Nonfiction Book Proposal - Cindy Lambert 
         (prerequisite for clinic participants but this workshop is open to everyone)

A winning book proposal is a tool that entices seven audiences (author, agent, editor, pub board, marketing, creative, and sales) to grasp a contagious vision for a book, and then equips them to successfully play their parts in placing the book into the hands of its ideal readership.

E14 – Writing Your Past into Your Fiction – Susan Baganz
Sometimes our deepest pains and hardships can become fodder for great stories God can use to help others. How can you do this while maintaining privacy and without drowning in memories of the past? 

E15 – Polish and Practice Your Pitch – Karen Whiting 

E16 – God Speaks: Spiritual Growth through Your Writing Process – Judith Couchman
While writing, we usually focus on the spiritual message for our readers. But through the writing process, God also speaks to us. In this workshop you’ll learn, reflect, and prepare for how God speaks through your words, to readers and to you. Explore and expect spiritual growth and transformation through the writing process.

E17 – Magazine Article Clinic – Andy Scheer
What traits mark a healthy article (and where do submissions often fall short)? In this hands-on clinic, we’ll examine articles submitted in advance by class members — analyzing strengths and ways to address shortcomings. We’ll begin with big-picture concerns — topic, theme, and audience — before zooming in to consider article components and the writing style. NOTE: Submit your manuscript to [email protected] prior to the conference. Andy will choose 4 or 5 for the clinic. More instructions coming.

E18 – Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams – W. Terry Whalin
Many people have dreams and desires about getting into print but they have no idea where to begin or how to create a plan. In this workshop, Terry provides a list of key steps along with seasoned advice for any writer. Whether the writer is a beginner or a pro, this workshop is certain to stir his or her imagination and plans in a fresh way long after the conference.