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Father could have asked me
to direct a second conference
anywhere in the nation,
but I'm so glad He chose Colorado!

Below is a 6-part video 
produced by Neil White & his family.
Watch for what Tracie Peterson,
Chip MacGregor, Lauraine Snelling
and others have to say
and how we have all aged
since this video was produced in 2006.

1 – Preface

2 – Making a Difference
3 – Networking and Mentors
4 – Mountains & More
5 – Looking to Him
6 – Aiming High & Reaching the World

Why have I invested 23 years
directing the Colorado Christian Writers Conference
and 36 years directing the Philly conference?
Patricia Durgin interviewed me
when I keynoted at the
East Metro Atlanta Christian Writers Conference.
Click here to view the interview. 

Cec Murphey’s Welcome
Although Cec is referring to the Greater Philly conference
in this video, what he says is true for Colorado too.

Video of our 2012 conference
produced by Janet Stone, TwoStone Studios,
Colorado Springs.
Thanks, Janet!

For a delightful video of an elk
playing in a mud puddle, click here.