How CCWC's Appointment System Works


Ever stood in long lines at a conference, praying that by the time it's your turn, the editor you want to meet with will still have an appointment available, only to lose out? Not at CCWC! We provide the opportunity to choose pre-conference who you want to meet face to face. When you register, you will receive a form with space to note your #1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 choices of editors, agents, other professionals, or authors. We ask you to also note your #6, 7, and 8 choices in case your top choices are already filled.

The earlier you register, the better opportunity you have of getting your top choices.


Deadlines - Appointment requests received through APRIL15 will be booked in the order of when you registered for the conference so you do NOT need to rush completing your Appointment Request Form. All appointment requests must be received by APRIL 30. You must use the online Appointment Request Form. You will receive the link when you register for the conference and after the faculty bios and editorial needs have been posted. Please note that you must be paid in full for your appointments to be scheduled unless you have made other arrangements.

Appointments are 15 minutes long and scheduled during workshop periods and continuing sessions when the faculty member is not teaching. The conference schedule makes it impossible to offer appointments other than during these times, but please do NOT feel you need to miss an entire workshop to keep your appointments. Your workshop instructor will understand if you arrive late or leave before the end of the workshop. And the conference is being recorded!

When you arrive at the conference, you will be notified what appointments have been scheduled for you. Come prepared to meet with any one of the faculty members you have selected since we are unable to tell you before the conference who you will be meeting with because of the hundreds of appointments booked and last-minute changes.

If you do not get your first choice(s), or if all the appointments you have requested are filled by the time we receive your appointment request form (although with the eight choices we ask you to note that is HIGHLY unlikely), do not despair. The Lord knows the plans He has for you and your work (Jeremiah 29:11). I am convinced that He will not allow you to go home without talking to the people He intends for you to meet—if not in a scheduled appointment then during mealtimes, coffee breaks, or walking on campus.

Editorial Needs - You'll find the greatest editorial needs and overworked topics on the faculty bio pages (click Faculty/Markets). We’re working to get this info added ASAP. Please be patient! 

Authors Are Available - Please keep in mind that your best option may be to meet with an author. If you do not have a manuscript or concrete idea to discuss, we recommend that you request appointments with authors. An author can help you brainstorm ideas and evaluate the readiness of your manuscript for publication.

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For a sample One Sheet Book Proposal click here.
This is a helpful way to begin a discussion with an editor.
A first chapter is also recommended.

I came away from the Conference with HOPE and a to-do list.
I believe that God allowed me to meet with exactly the right people.
I ended up speaking with eight people, as God kept directing, and orchestrating.

Becki Reiser - conferee from Ohio