Your Book Promotional Power Pack with Scott Domeji


Application due no later than April 15.

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1. What is your fiction genre or nonfiction book topic?
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2. Who is your target audience? To whom will your book appeal on a psychological, emotional or practical level?
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2a. Theme/Topic/Problem/Dilemma: What deep themes and/or fresh viewpoint do you want your
readers to think about that will change them?
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2b. Fiction: What emotionally-driven problem do you want your readers to dwell on?
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2c. Nonfiction: What real need does your book promise to solve to change the reader's life?
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2d. Memoir: What do you want your readers to know or to understand on a heart level after reading your book?
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3. Are you published or unpublished? If published, list the title of your book(s).
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4. Describe your feelings, attitudes, or beliefs about promoting your book.
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5. What specific marketing pieces have you already created? On acceptance you will need to email copies of those
marketing materials by May 5 to, or mail to arrive by May 5 to
5209 Del Paz Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80918. Attn: Scott Domeji, Marketing Materials for Clinic.
6. Can you bring a laptop to the clinic? 
7. Do you have a relationship with or have contact information for marketing contacts (i.e. bloggers,
newspapers, magazines, podcasts, radio or TV stations, book store owners, or places to speak)?
If so, email or snail mail your list, so we can conceptualize targeted materials for specific contacts
whom you want to persuade to promote your book.
8. What do you hope to gain from this clinic?
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