Save from 2013

Father, thank You, for the magnificent beauty surrounding me here at the conference in Estes Park - Your beauty, Your creation.

The trees are snow covered and bowing in worship to Him but the roads are clear. You do not need to wear boots, but you do need to bring a winter coat although by Saturday it will be in 60s.

Important - Allow an extra 20 minutes for your drive to the conference. You need to follow the huge sign that really you cannot miss in Lyons with an arrow to turn left onto Hwy 7. It will add about 20 minutes to your trip. Is a gorgeous and safe mountain highway. Hwy 36 into Estes has hour long delays because of the reconstruction of the highway. So leave earlier and enjoy your time with the Lord on this scenic highway.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mountain.

If you've not yet registered . . .

Use the online registration form and I will give you a $15 credit at the book table for the $15 late fee the form will automatically calculate. On the 3rd page you can click the PayPal button or Send a Check. But you do not need to mail the form to us. It will come to us electronically. And any special arrangements regarding payment (scholarship help or time payments) you can make when you arrive. I will work with you. Father wants you here!

Contact Info

Margie Vawter - 303-981-1487

Cindy Watkins (registration questions) - 704-763-1212

NOTE: Margie and Cindy receive and send texts.

YMCA East Lobby (where we'll be most of the time from Tuesday morning, May 13)
970-586-3341 x 1164
After 10:00 pm x 3120