Build Your Author Platform Clinic

Vickie Baker Scholarship Form

with Dianne E. Butts

Application due no later than April 16.

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Please answer the following questions.
If you were a real whiz at Social Media, what book(s), speaking, or other product(s) would
you want to get the word out about?
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Do you currently have at least on ebook for sale on Amazon?
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What online destinations do you have to send people to? (Website? Blog? Amazon author page?
Facebook author page? Other? Please provide URL.)
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List your current social media stats. Facebook author page Likes, Twitter handle(s) with # of followers,
email newsletter list with number of subscribers, etc.?
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In this clinic we will work primarily on the following social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook pages,
Mailchimp newsletters, SEO for blog posts, Amazon author page, website on Do you feel you
need help in there areas? And do you have a working knowledge of there, or at least are you fairly computer savvy?
(If you use Wordpress, that's fine for a destinatio  and for our SEO segment, but know i cannot help you
with your Wordpress blog or site.)
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Do you have a basic working knowledge of Excel?
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Can you bring a laptop to the clinic to work online?
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What do you hope to gain from this clinic?
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