No conference gives you more opportunities
to meet one-on-one with the agents, editors, and authors
of your choice!

Register for all 3 days – Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
No appointments are scheduled on Wednesday

4 – yes FOUR – appointments!

Be among the first 75 to register
for all 3 days
and you’ll receive a BONUS 5th appointment.

Register for 2 days – 3 appointments
Register for 1 day – 2 appointments

~ *~ * ~ *~

I’ve never forgotten my first writers’ conference. 
It was a huge sacrifice financially.
I was beyond nervous!

Even though I’d not forgotten the shorthand
I learned in high school,
I couldn’t begin to write down everything
the editors said they were
- and were not – wanting to see.

Trying to choose was even more stressful.

And then there was no guarantee
that those I chose would want to meet with me.

~ *~ * ~ *~

At the Colorado and Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference you get to choose who you want to meet.

There’s no last-minute deciding once you arrive or long lines. Instead, using the resources we provide online, you submit your appointment requests pre-conference. The earlier you register, the better opportunity you’ll have of getting your top choices.

Need help choosing? Our Appointments Coordinator, Barb Haley, is available to help you pre-conference. At the conference, our Appointment Desk Captain, Marti Pieper, will be glad to provide needed counsel and prayer.

And I am absolutely certain that Jesus is Lord of our appointment system. You can trust Him and His plans for your writing ministry.

~ *~ * ~ *~

For more helpful info, click on the links below:

How our appointment system works
How to prepare for your appointments
Help with your choices – coming soon

Still nervous?
Plan to attend
“Preparing for Your Appointments”
Tim Shoemaker’s Wednesday early bird at 4:45

Stomach churning. Palms sweating.
Hey, an appointment with an editor, agent,
or seasoned writer IS a big deal.
We’ll look at critical factors and tips
to make sure your appointment
is a step in the right direction