No conference gives you more opportunities
to meet one-on-one with the agents, editors, and authors
of your choice!

Register for all 3 days – Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
No appointments are scheduled on Wednesday

4 – yes FOUR – appointments!

Be among the first 75 to register
for all 3 days
and you’ll receive a BONUS 5th appointment.

Register for 2 days – 3 appointments
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~ *~ * ~ *~

I’ve never forgotten my first writers’ conference. 
It was a huge sacrifice financially.
I was beyond nervous!

Even though I’d not forgotten the shorthand
I learned in high school,
I couldn’t begin to write down everything
the editors said they were
- and were not – wanting to see.

Trying to choose was even more stressful.

And then there was no guarantee
that those I chose would want to meet with me.

~ *~ * ~ *~

At the Colorado and Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference you get to choose who you want to meet.

There’s no last-minute deciding once you arrive or long lines. Instead, using the resources we provide online, you submit your appointment requests pre-conference. The earlier you register, the better opportunity you’ll have of getting your top choices.

Thanks to our extraordinary Appointments Coordinator, Barb Haley, today (March 8) I’m posting charts (see sample below) that detail the editorial needs/interests of our 20 editors and 8 agents. You’ll find a 3-page chart for fiction, 3-page chart for nonfiction, and 2-page chart for children and YA. All are downloadable as PDFs with live links to the bios.

Because our authors and other professionals are often the best people to talk to about a work in progress, I’m also posting charts that show their areas of expertise in fiction, nonfiction, and children/YA.

Finally, because in today’s publishing world it takes more than great writing to get our work published and read, we’ve included a chart of other aspects of growing our writing ministry with faculty that area available to help in areas such as blogging, public speaking, indie publishing, social media and more. Click here to view it as a PDF with live links to bios.

Still need help choosing? Our Appointments Coordinator, Barb Haley, is available to help you pre-conference. At the conference, our Appointment Desk Captain, Marti Pieper, will be glad to provide needed counsel and prayer.

And I am absolutely certain that Jesus is Lord of our appointment system. You can trust Him and His plans for your writing ministry.

~ *~ * ~ *~

For more helpful info, click on the links below:

How our appointment system works
How to prepare for your appointments
Making the best choices

Still nervous?
Plan to attend
“Preparing for Your Appointments”
Tim Shoemaker’s Wednesday early bird at 4:45

Stomach churning. Palms sweating.
Hey, an appointment with an editor, agent,
or seasoned writer IS a big deal.
We’ll look at critical factors and tips
to make sure your appointment
is a step in the right direction