110 Conference Videos


Good news! For only $99 you can have access to the entire conference of 110 videos through Labor Day, September 5, 2022. Seniors, pastors, full-time students, or alumni of the Colorado or Greater Philly conference receive a 10% discount making your price $89. Teens eighteen and under pay only $39. Your purchase also includes access to the handouts our faculty provided. 

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Below is the first of four pages that lists the videos you’ll be able to view. Click here for the entire list. Friends, this is far more than you’d gain in a summer-long college course and for a fraction of the cost. You don’t need to travel or spend 3.5 days away from your family. Instead, the videos are available to watch early in the morning, late at night, or whenever it’s convenient.


Although you’ll have access to over 100 videos, realistically I know most of you won’t make time to watch all of them.

My suggestion: Choose two continuing sessions, two workshop tracks of six workshops each, plus the keynotes and a learning lab and workshop from Wednesday for a total of 29 hours.
Spread over the next 10 weeks, that’s a time commitment of just 3 hours a week.
If you’re serious about becoming a better writer, getting your work in print, and reaching the folks who need what God is calling you to write, it’s an investment of time and money you need to make.

For immediate access to the videos, click here. You can pay by check, credit card, or PayPal. If you're struggling financially because of the increase in food and gas prices, email me at mbagnull@aol.com. Because I feel such an urgency to encourage and equip Christians to “write His answer,” I’ll work with you.

To help you get the most from the videos, as an added FREE bonus you’re invited to be part of a group that will meet on Zoom Monday evenings, 8:30 - 9:30 Eastern time, beginning July 11 through August 29. You don’t need to commit to come every Monday, but come when you're able to share what you’re learning, ask questions, fellowship with other writers, and pray together. I'll send you the link along with the link to the videos when you place your order.

I’m concerned this is going to be a long, hot summer – and I don’t mean just the heat wave that has impacted so much of our nation and the resulting drought, water shortages, and wildfires. The issues dividing us are growing more inflammatory. There is so much anxiety over what might happen next. And the war in Ukraine and its global impact on food makes the threat of worldwide famine very real. As I used to be able to sing at the closing of the conferences, “People Need the Lord.”

Father, please help us to “write and live Your answer.”