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Stephanie Alton
Stephanie Alton

Literary & Marketing Agent

The Blythe Daniel Agency, Inc.
Director, BlogAbout 
Founder, My Influence Circle

Stephanie is a literary agent and director of the agency’s blog network, BlogAbout. She specializes in creating custom launch teams, blog campaigns, and webinars with industry pros through the BlogAbout Blogger Network. Several of the books she has collaborated on have been in the top 10 on the New York Times Best Seller List and rated #1 on Amazon. She consistently engages with publishers, authors, podcasters, ministries, and creative businesses to be able to offer compelling and trendy material to the hundreds of bloggers whom she works with to review and give away new books, movies, and merchandise.

New as an agent but not new to the world of publishing, Stephanie has worked with authors and critiqued book proposals over the years. She brings a unique approach to coaching her clients in a way that helps them transform their work and leads them to excel beyond what they envision. Stephanie has also been able to offer strategic platform building techniques to aspiring writers and help them shape their writing and blogs into what an agent, publisher, producer, or reader is looking for.

Currently Stephanie lives in and loves to explore Colorado with her husband and two boys. Their love for blasting down trails on almost anything with wheels and covered in mud has given her a greater appreciation for the outdoors. When she is not camping with the family or logged into the publishing community, she is probably dreaming of having a cleaner house and a personal chef. You can connect with her on the BlogAbout’s Facebook group.

Workshop 2E: Your Marketing  Profile (Thursday, 1:45 – 2:40)
We’ll compare marketing your book/brand to a financial portfolio. Since there is no one-size-fits-all option for either, you really have to look at what you have going for you and what you want to accomplish to create something that helps you grow at your own rate. Stephanie will talk about the five investment areas for writers: 

Stephanie Alton—The Blythe Daniel Agency, Inc.

URL: https://theblythedanielagency.com


NONFICTION: Christian Living, Ministry & Evangelism; Church Growth, Life & Renewal; Culture & Contemporary Issues; Devotions; Marriage, Family & Parenting; Prayer & Spiritual Warfare; Women’s Interests


GENERAL MARKET: Business, Health, Humor, Sports

GREATEST AREAS OF INTEREST: Christian Living/Ministry


HELPFUL TIPS: Work through your proposal. Even if it is not complete beforee we meet, it will help you think through and narrow in on your message.

Dan Balow

Agent, The Steve Laube Agency

Dan started in Christian publishing in 1983 and over the years has been involved in the business side of the industry in marketing, sales, foreign and domestic rights management, audiobooks, digital publishing, and acquisitions.

A significant amount of his experience was with Tyndale House Publishers from the early 90s to the mid-2000s. While there, Dan developed a wide-ranging perspective on the industry, taken from involvement with hundreds of authors, thousands of books and a love for the business.

He spent five years working with this agency as an agent, leaving temporarily in late 2018 to focus time on a publishing-related venture he owned before returning in early 2021.

Dan’s strengths would be his understanding of what it takes to be successful in the publishing environment and how all the elements of publishing work together.

Dan served on the board of the Evangelical Christian Publisher’s Association, the trade association for Christian publishers in the U.S. and was board chairman of the Global Publishers Alliance, a group of U.S.-based publishing executives involved in mentoring Christian publishers in other countries. He was an original member of the advisory board of the Christy Awards (now part of ECPA) and involved in training and mentoring Christian publishers through Media Associates International.  (www.littworld.org)

Dan is a graduate of Wheaton College (IL) with a degree in Communications and has been married to Carol for 40+ years. They live in Wheaton, Illinois and have four grown children and five granddaughters.

Dinnertime Small Group Q&A: “Create a Brand” (Thursday, 6:00-6:40)

Dan Balow—The Steve Laube Agency

URL: Click here for more about what Dan is looking to represent.

NONFICTION: Apologetics; Bible Studies; Biographies & Profiles; Christian Living, Ministry & Evangelism; Church Growth; Life & Renewal; Culture & Contemporary Issues; Devotionals; Discipleship & Personal Growth; Marriage, Family & Parenting; Men’s Books; Prayer & Spiritual Warfare.


CHILDREN & YA: Biographies, Devotionals, Early Readers-Nonfiction, Middle Grade Nonfiction, Nonfiction Ages 6-8, Nonfiction Ages 9-12

OTHER:  Business; Health; Humor; Sports

    Laura Bartnick
     Managing Partner
     Books For Bonding Hearts and CaptureMe Books 
     Agent, Books For Bonding Hearts
      Author Coach, Author


Since 2015, Laura Bartnick has managed Capture Books, which is a boutique publishing and marketing hybrid group for new authors. She graduated with a degree in Bible and Music from Montana Bible College and then earned a B.A. in Contemporary Composition at Colorado Christian University. She finished her education in paralegal studies at Denver Paralegal Institute. Her book, Welcome to the Shivoo, is the beating of her heart fostering a place of belonging and empowerment to other creatives, makers, and authors.

Workshop 2B: The Christian Mind and Christian Linguistics (Thursday, 1:45 – 2:40)
Strengthen your characters, the story plot, and the language or narration of your manuscript more authentically and biblically by attending this workshop. Laura is the author of Welcome to the Shivoo! Creatives Mimicking the Creator.

Workshop 6E: Before Your Book is Published (Saturday, 1:00 – 1:55)
An essential part of preparing to publish your book is building your presence on social media. Learn how to use Facebook Groups and Pages to the best advantage, learn a few tips and tricks about Instagram and Pinterest, and discover the importance and how-to of blogging and content marketing.

Laura Bartnick – Managing Partner, Books For Bonding Hearts and CaptureMe Books; Agent, Books For Bonding Hearts; Author; Author Coach

URL: https://www.capturemebooks.com

NONFICTION: Biographies & Profiles; Christian Living, Ministry & Evangelism; Culture & Contemporary Issues; Discipleship & Personal Growth; Memoir & Personal Experience; Men’s Books; Women’s Interests.

FICTION:  ALL Genres; Action and Adventure; Biblical Fiction; Contemporary; Fantasy, Speculative, and Sci-Fi; General Market; Historical; Inspirational; Issues Fiction; Legal & Political Thrillers; Literary; Southern; Suspense, Crime & Mystery.

CHILDREN & YA: Biographies; Chapter Books; Early Readers; Middle Grace Fiction; Nonfiction Ages 6-8; Nonfiction Ages 9-12; Picture Books; Older Teens & YA Fiction; Tweens Fiction.

OTHER: Gift Books; Humor; Poetry.

URL, GUIDELINES FOR WRITERS:  Please contact Laura Bartnick with a resume, and sample chapter @lb.capturebooks@aol.com     

Keely Boeving

Agent, WordServe Literary


Keely Boeving has been an Agent with WordServe Literary since 2015. After receiving her BA from the University of Virginia, she attended the Denver Publishing Institute and began her career in New York working in the editorial departments of Bloomsbury and Oxford University Press. She lives in Denver with her husband and their boy/girl twins, and loves skiing, biking, and being outdoors.

Keely is looking for smart, well-crafted nonfiction in the areas of Christian living, spiritual growth, social justice, mental health, neurodiversity, and women’s topics including motherhood, relationships and marriage, and calling. In children’s, she is looking for Young Adult, Middle Grade, and Picture Books that captivate readers through their use of language and invite us to see the world in new ways. She is always looking for projects from diverse and under-represented voices.


Find her on twitter @KeelyBoeving.

Boeving, Keely

URL: keely@wordserveliterary.com

NONFICTION: Christian Living, Ministry & Evangelism; Church Growth; Life & Renewal; Culture & Contemporary Issues; Curriculum, How-to & Teaching; Discipleship & Personal Growth; Health & Wellness; Marriage, Family & Parenting; Memoir & Personal Experience; Mental Health; Women’s Interests.

FICTION:  none

CHILDREN & YA: Middle Grace Fiction; Picture Books.

OTHER: GENERAL MARKET: Business; Health.

GREATEST AREAS OF INTEREST: Keely looks for thoughtful, well-researched books in the areas of Christian Living, spiritual transformation, health and wellness (physical, mental, and spiritual), church leadership, and women’s topics including motherhood, relationships and marriage, and business. She is always looking for books from diverse and under-represented voices.

OVERWORKED TOPICS: Memoir that does not have a clear felt need or tangible takeaways for the reader

HELPFUL TIPS: Make sure you are building a platform as you work on your book. Always keep your reader in mind: how is your book meeting a need, solving a problem, or answering a question in their life? 

URL, GUIDELINES FOR WRITERS: Make sure you are building a platform as you work on your book. Always keep your reader in mind: how is your book meeting a need, solving a problem, or answering a question in their life? 

Del Duduit
Literary Agent, C.Y.L.E.
Bestselling Author, Award-winning Writer

Del writes motivational and inspirational devotionals about sports and athletes. He also has a passion to write non-fiction books on leadership and enjoy a healthy debate on social issues. He has won several writing awards at various Christian writing conferences, including Writer of the Year and a second place Selah Award. He is a bestselling author and blogs weekly at delduduit.com and teaches classes on how to write a devotional and the right way to land big name on your book. He is an adjunct faculty member at Shawnee State University. He is accepting submissions for non-fiction Christian Living, motivational, inspirational and leadership. Del also likes the unique and nifty books about sports and recreation, healthy lifestyle, and travel and cooking. He is also a member of the Serious Writer team and will be attending the Olympics in Tokyo this summer.

Workshop 5A – From Conference to Contract (Saturday, 11:00 – 11:55)
Sound impossible? It’s not. But it can be done with some work. In this workshop, Del will give not only his personal experience from attending one conference, which has resulted in more than 10 bock contracts in 12 months, but he also shares some helpful tips he has learned along the way.

Dinnertime Small Group Q&A – ”Speaking” (Thursday, 6:00-6:40)


Duduit, Stephen

URL: del@cyleyoung.com

NONFICTION: Christian Living, Ministry & Evangelism; Church Growth; Life & Renewal; Devotionals; Inspirational; Memoir & Personal Experience; Men’s Books.

FICTION:  none


OTHER: GENERAL MARKET: Business; Health; Humor; Sports.

GREATEST AREAS OF INTEREST: Christian Living, Church Growth, Devotionals, Men's Group, Humor, Inspirational , Men's Books, 


HELPFUL TIPS: Be honest, open and to the point. Creative. Prepared. Confident. 

Linda S. Glaz
Agent, Hartline Literary Agency  


Linda is an experienced editor, reviewer, multi-published author, and speaker. She has worked as a professional reviewer for a romance site, and just loves anything to do with books. She's extremely active in the judging community and speaks at conferences nationwide. She is also a member of AWSA, Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, which takes her speaking from libraries to ladies’ teas, churches, and conferences. Linda understands writers, because she IS a writer. Linda loves to work with new writers, taking them from newbies to well-established authors. She is married with three children and four grandchildren. Having served in the Air Force at a time when it wasn’t exactly politically correct for a woman, she blazed many firsts for women in the military. She has taught karate and self-defense for thirty years and was a national instructor and referee for the largest soccer youth group in the US for twenty-five years. She isn’t afraid to try something new. 

Workshop 3C - Dialogue Tags – Needed or Overused (Friday, 10:50 – 11:45)  LIVE
The current trend in the industry is to use fewer tags. You’ll discover some of the weaknesses in using tags and how much deeper POV can be when leaving them out. 

Pre-conference Webinar – The Weight of the First Page ((link will be sent to registered conferees when available)
Learn to put POP! and action onto the first page of your work, in a manner that keeps a potential reader … well … reading.

Pre-conference Webinar – Pitching to Industry Professionals (link will be sent to registered conferees when available)
Learn how to construct the much-needed Pitch.


Glaz, Linda

URL: lglazagain@aol.com

NONFICTION: Articles Military Related; Bible Studies; Christian Living, Ministry & Evangelism; Church Growth; Life & Renewal; Culture & Contemporary Issues; Curriculum, How-to & Teaching; Devotionals; Discipleship & Personal Growth; Women’s Interests.

FICTION:  Action and Adventure; Contemporary; General Market; Historical; Historical Romance; Inspirational; Issues Fiction; Legal & Political Thrillers; Romance; Romantic Comedy; Southern; Suspense, Crime & Mystery; Women’s Fiction.


GREATEST AREAS OF INTEREST: Suspense, romantic suspense, historic, historic romance, contemporary fiction. Non-fiction with a solid platform.

OVERWORKED TOPICS: Stories about covid, and memoirs when there's no significant platform attached to it

Jim Hart

Literary Agent
Hartline Literary Agency


Jim Hart is a literary agent with Hartline Literary Agency. He works with both veteran and debut authors and represents a mix of non-fiction and fiction clients. Jim serves both the Christian and general markets.

He is not looking at children’s or middle-grade fiction at this time.

Jim is also a singer/songwriter/worship leader and has been involved in youth and music ministry for several decades. He is a credentialed minister with the Assemblies of God. 

Workshop 3F – Marketing for Writers Who Don’t Like to Market (Friday 10:50 – 11:45)
Why don’t we market? We don’t know how, we’re overwhelmed, we don’t think it’s important, we don’t think we have time, we’re afraid, we don’t know where to start. his class will look at marketing and promoting your book in a different light, starting with Jesus’ Parable of the Talents. We will define marketing simply as engaging with others. These are the questions that will be presented:

Jim Hart—Hartline Literary Agency

URL:  www.hartlineagency.com

FICTION:  suspense/thrillers/mystery, romance (contemporary, historical, suspense, Amish, general market, legal & political thrillers, action adventure, literary, inspirational, women’s fiction, cozy mystery, speculative and sci-fi. Fiction writers should possess a strong and growing platform.

NONFICTION:  Currently Jim is most interested in non-fiction on the topics of Christian living including the exploration of a deeper relationship with Jesus, thoughtful/reflective work, and theology for the layman. He is also looking at biographies and profiles, discipleship and personal growth, church growth, men’s books, prayer and spiritual warfare, women’s issues, social issues, parenting, leadership, and some self-help. Non-fiction writers will need to show a strong platform in their area of expertise. 


OTHER: GENERAL MARKET: Business, Health, Humor, Sports

GREATEST AREAS OF INTEREST: Christian living/ministry/evangelism   discipleship/personal growth

OVERWORKED TOPICS: social issues

Helpful Tips:  Increasingly, fiction and non-fiction authors are encouraged to promote their novels themselves through writers' conferences, book signings, and web sites. We suggest you establish a web site, and you'll need to create promotional giveaways, arrange your own book signings, or attend writers' conferences. Think outside of the box.

Greg Johnson

President, WordServe Literary

Greg has been in publishing for more than 25 years. Before becoming a full-time literary agent in 1994, he wrote and published 20 works of nonfiction with traditional publishers, as well as being an editor for a teenage boys magazine for five years. In his years as an agent, he has personally represented more than 2,300 books and negotiated more than 1,800 contracts to over 85 publishing houses. These works include adult trade books (non-fiction and fiction), children’s books, specialty Bibles, movie options, video curricula, audio products, gift books and greeting cards.

While Greg’s stable of authors is near full, he will occasionally take on new authors and new projects. Along with representing a broad array of adult nonfiction and fiction, Greg works with pastors and speakers, male and female, who have important and compelling messages to author for their constituents. He has also carved a niche by representing military nonfiction/memoir for those who have served our country from WWII until today. Business books, health and humor rounds out what he is looking to acquire.

Greg is married to Becky and together they are parents of six adult children and seven grandchildren. They make their home near Denver, Colorado.

Greg Johnson—WordServe Literary: General and Christian Market

URL:   www.wordserveliterary.com/submission-guidelines

FICTION:  Contemporary, Women’s, Historical, Suspense, Legal, Literary, Mainstream, Supernatural, Romance 

NONFICTION:  History, Military, Biography, Health, Self-help, Memoir, Family, Current Affairs, Money, Popular Culture, Psychology, Women’s Issues, and other various topics

CHILDREN & YA:  We will consider select titles in YA, Middle Grade, and Children’s Literature. NO Fantasy or Sci-Fi

OTHER: Gift Books; Humor; GENERAL MARKET: Business; Health; Humor; Sports.

Overworked topics: We will NOT accept Gift Books, Poetry, Short Stories, Screenplays, Graphic Novels, Science Fiction or Fantasy for any age. 

Helpful Tips:  Acceptable word counts: 60,000 to 120,000. Please remember this is your first writing sample and it may be your only chance to WOW us … so write your query accordingly. There are numerous books, websites, and blogs on how to write great queries (including our own Excelling at the Craft of Writing).

Michelle S. Lazurek

Associate Literary Agent
WordWise Media Services
Author, www.Wordwise media.com

Michelle is a multi-genre award winning author, speaker, pastor's wife, and writing coach. She is a regular contributor for ibelieve.com and crosswalk.com, a movie reviewer for Movieguide Magazine, and a columnist for Leading Hearts Magazine. She also is a literary agent for Wordwise Media Services. When not working, she enjoys sipping a Starbucks latte, collecting 80s memorabilia, and spending time with her family and her crazy dog, Cookie. 

Workshop 4G – Writing Books for Children (Friday 1:45 – 2:40)
Many people want to write for children. But how do you write engaging content that not only tells a story but also keeps a young audience engaged despite the instant gratification world in which we live? In this workshop, Michelle will address the following aspects of children’s writing:

Lunchtime Small Group Q&A: “AWSA Coaches” (Thursday, 12:15-12:55)

Lunchtime Small Group Q&A: “CAN – Christian Authors Network” (Friday, 12:15-12:55)

Lazurek, Michelle

URL: michellelazurek@yahoo.com

NONFICTION: Christian Living, Ministry & Evangelism; Church Growth; Life & Renewal; Culture & Contemporary Issues; Discipleship & Personal Growth; Marriage, Family & Parenting; Women’s Interests.

FICTION:  none

CHILDREN & YA: Chapter Books; Early Readers; Middle Grade Fiction; Nonfiction Ages 6-8; Picture Books.

GREATEST AREAS OF INTEREST:  Christian living, discipleship, picture books, 

OVERWORKED TOPICS: NO devotionals, memoirs

Helpful Tips:  Any work of fiction must be complete before we consider it. Unfinished nonfiction is acceptable with a proposal. 


For info on booking your appointments click here.

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