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Book Editors

Joel Armstrong
Associate Editor
Kregel Publications


Joel is an editor at Kregel Publications. Working on the trade imprint, he edits a broad range of Christian fiction and nonfiction. He also writes speculative fiction and poetry. Find out more at joeljarmstrong.com, or follow him on Instagram @joelarmstrongwrites.

Workshop 5C: The Otherworldly Challenges of Speculative Fiction (Saturday, 11:00 – 11:55)
From Harry Potter to Star Wars to the Marvel Universe, speculative storytelling has the power to transcend typical audience categories and speak to readers’ deeper questions and fears. But writing speculative fiction comes with unique challenges, such as intensive world building, unfamiliarity, and metaphorical social and psychological commentary.

Joel Armstrong—Kregel Publications

URL:  https://www.kregel.com/contact-us/submissions-policy

FICTION:  All Fiction Genres except Biblical Fiction, Fantasy/Speculative/Sci-Fi Fiction, and General Market

NONFICTION:  All Nonfiction Genres except Articles, Curriculum/How-To/Teaching, Devotionals, or Gift Books/Poetry

CHILDREN & YA:  Chapter Books, Devotionals, Early Readers, Nonfiction Ages 6-8, Nonfiction Ages 9-12, Picture Books

Greatest Editorial Needs:  Kregel Publications acquires broadly in nonfiction and fiction. We’re especially interested in nonfiction titles that tackle contemporary issues using strong scriptural support, as well as new takes on perennial topics like women’s issues, marriage, and parenting. Kregel is always looking for excellent historical romance, contemporary romantic suspense, historical fiction, and women’s fiction with biblical grounding. 

Helpful Tips:  One sheets, proposals, and synopses are helpful but not necessary. First-time authors welcome.

Susan Baganz 
Pelican Book Group
(White Rose Publishing, Harborlight Books, Watershed Books,
Pure Amore, and Prism Book Group)



Susan chases after three Hobbits and is a native of Wisconsin. She writes adventurous historical and contemporary romances with a biblical worldview. She also speaks, teaches, and encourages others to follow God in being all He has created them to be. With her seminary degree in counseling psychology, a background in the field of mental health, and years serving in church ministry, she understands the complexities and pain of life as well as its craziness. She serves behind-the-scenes in various capacities at her church as well as serving on the board of her local American Christian Fiction Writer’s (ACFW) chapter. She recently married an amazing man to reach her the “happily-ever-after” she often writes about. Her favorite pastimes are lazy ones—snuggling with her husband while reading a good book, playing her guitar, or sitting with a friend chatting over a cup of spiced chai latte.

Pre-conference Zoom Workshops
Monday, August 16, Noon EST
Writing Your Past Into Your Fiction
Sometimes our deepest pains and hardships can become fodder for great stories God can use to help others. How can you do this while maintaining privacy and without drowning in memories of the past?
Meeting ID: 871 4520 8054
Passcode: 230049

Wednesday, August 18, Noon EST
Panster or Plotter?

Some people write by a strict process of outlining (Plotter) and others do it by the seat of their pants (Panster). How are YOU supposed to write your novel? Is there a method that works best? We’ll explore this continuum so you can write in the way that suits who God made you to be as a writer.
Meeting ID: 864 8059 0791
Passcode: 569561

Continuing Session – The Fiction Writer’s Toolbox
Part I: Before You Write - What do you need to know before you start your story? I'll share things I learned that I didn't know when I started writing to help you make that first draft the best possible! We'll talk about essentials for success, genre, word count, point-of-view, tense, pansting vs plotting, story structure/plot, developing characters, backstory, inciting incidents, and more!

Part II: As You Write - When you sit down to write, what are some things you need to consider as you work your way through your story? Topics we'll discuss include: writer's block, dialogue, show vs tell, strong verbs, starts and finishes to chapters, and more!

Part III: After You Write - That first draft is finished, but it's a mistake to think it's ready to be published. The hard work has just begun! But if you do it well, you'll have a marketable manuscript. How do you edit and revise weasel words, overused words, and adverbs? You’ll discover the value of making mistakes.

Susan Baganz—Pelican Book Group

URL, Guidelines for Writers: http://pelicanbookgroup.com

FICTION: Contemporary* Historical Romance*Inspirational* Romance*Romantic Suspense*Romantic Comedy




Helpful Tips:  I don’t take Amish Fiction. I only request a manuscript if the book is completed.

Marlene Bagnull

Marlene Bagnull  
Conference Director
Publisher, Editor
Ampelos Press
Author, Speaker

Marlene is the director of the Colorado and the Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference and the publisher/editor of Ampelos Press, a small subsidy house that helps Christians self-publish affordably yet professionally. She has over 1,000 sales to Christian periodicals and is the author of ten books including Write His Answer - A Bible Study for Christian Writers (in print for 27 years). She is also the compiler/editor of four other books. 

Nonfiction One Sheet – What to include and why this information is needed to interest an agent or editor in your book. 

Marlene Bagnull—Ampelos Press

URL, Guidelines for Writers: https://writehisanswer.com/ampelospressbooks

Ampelos Press publishes only one or two titles a year. I am especially interested in helping authors self-publish books about missions and the needs of children such as The Place of the Mourning Doves - Reaching Out to Romanian Orphans and Benard's Vision - The Quest of a Kenyan Pastor. I will also consider issues fiction.

FICTION: Issues Fiction

NONFICTION: Culture/Contemporary Issues

CHILDREN & YA: I am interested in Missions-Oriented books—especially regarding the needs of children.

OTHER: Indie Publishing; I also welcome the opportunity to pray for you.

Laura Bartnick

Managing Partner
Books For Bonding Hearts and CaptureMe Books 
Agent, Books For Bonding Hearts
Author Coach, Author


Since 2015, Laura Bartnick has managed Capture Books, which is a boutique publishing and marketing hybrid group for new authors. She graduated with a degree in Bible and Music from Montana Bible College and then earned a B.A. in Contemporary Composition at Colorado Christian University. She finished her education in paralegal studies at Denver Paralegal Institute. Her book, Welcome to the Shivoo, is the beating of her heart fostering a place of belonging and empowerment to other creatives, makers, and authors.

Workshop 2B: The Christian Mind and Christian Linguistics (Thursday, 1:45 – 2:40)
Strengthen your characters, the story plot, and the language or narration of your manuscript more authentically and biblically by attending this workshop. Laura is the author of Welcome to the Shivoo! Creatives Mimicking the Creator.

Workshop 6E: Before Your Book is Published (Saturday, 1:00 – 1:55)
An essential part of preparing to publish your book is building your presence on social media. Learn how to use Facebook Groups and Pages to the best advantage, learn a few tips and tricks about Instagram and Pinterest, and discover the importance and how-to of blogging and content marketing.

Laura Bartnick – Managing Partner, Books For Bonding Hearts and CaptureMe Books; Agent, Books For Bonding Hearts; Author; Author Coach

URL: https://www.capturemebooks.com

NONFICTION: Biographies & Profiles; Christian Living, Ministry & Evangelism; Culture & Contemporary Issues; Discipleship & Personal Growth; Memoir & Personal Experience; Men’s Books; Women’s Interests.

FICTION:  ALL Genres; Action and Adventure; Biblical Fiction; Contemporary; Fantasy, Speculative, and Sci-Fi; General Market; Historical; Inspirational; Issues Fiction; Legal & Political Thrillers; Literary; Southern; Suspense, Crime & Mystery.

CHILDREN & YA: Biographies; Chapter Books; Early Readers; Middle Grace Fiction; Nonfiction Ages 6-8; Nonfiction Ages 9-12; Picture Books; Older Teens & YA Fiction; Tweens Fiction.

OTHER: Gift Books; Humor; Poetry.

URL, GUIDELINES FOR WRITERS:  Please contact Laura Bartnick with a resume, and sample chapter @lb.capturebooks@aol.com                                    

Karen Linamen Bouchard
Acquisitions Editor & Marketing Coach
Illumify Media Global
Editor, Power for Living
Best-selling Author, National Speaker


Karen is a bestselling author, national speaker, editor of David C Cook’s Power for Living magazine, and Acquisitions Editor with Illumify Media, a publishing company currently contracting 20-30 titles annually. She also provides one-on-one coaching to writers—published and not published—of all genres who want to polish their craft, publish their books, or grow their platforms. Karen has more than 30 years’ experience in writing and publishing, having written hundreds of magazine articles and authored fifteen books of her own under the name “Karen Linamen.” Her books include the bestselling Just Hand Over the Chocolate and No One Will Get Hurt, The Chocolate Diaries, Sometimes I Wake Up Grumpy (And Sometimes I Let Him Sleep), and many more.

Workshop 1A: How to Thrive as a Creative (Thursday, 10:50 – 11:45)
As believers in a creative marketplace, how do we see our calling? Our readers? Our clients? Even our competition? For that matter, how do we view creative challenges and obstacles that get in our way? Discover five simple shifts in perspective that will help you see what you do in a whole new light. This workshop will give you five choices you can make every day that will revolutionize how you perceive and live out your calling—even on days you feel overwhelmed or discouraged!

Workshop 4C: The 3-Step Secret to Making Your True Story or Novel More Riveting (Friday, 1:45 – 2:40)
If you are telling a story—fiction, nonfiction, short, or long—where do you begin? What events should you include in your story, and in what order? Where do you put backstory or flashbacks? When a story isn’t “working,” how do you troubleshoot the problem? Do you need to simply massage a few paragraphs, or does the problem lie deeper than that?

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Jon Franklin pioneered a style of writing called dramatic nonfiction, in which fiction storytelling techniques are applied to nonfiction stories. In the process, he developed and taught story development techniques that are sheer magic and can be applied to nonfiction stories as well as works of fiction.

In this workshop, I teach Franklin’s Complication/Resolution approach to outlining and developing any story, from short stories and articles to book-length dramatic nonfiction, fiction, and even children’s books. Worksheets will allow attendees the hands-on experience of developing a complication/resolution outline for stories they are currently working on or would like to tell one day.

I’ve used Franklin’s approach time and time again to help writers strengthen their stories. Almost without exception, recognizing and fixing a botched complication/resolution turns a good story into a WOW! story.

Workshop 6F: Five Easy Steps to Create Freebies and Lead Magnets to Grow Your Email List (Saturday 1:00 – 1:55)
Growing your email list isn’t hard – if you have a cool things that people will LOVE to get in exchange for joining your list. In this workshop, author, writing coach, and Illumify acquisitions editor Karen Scalf Bouchard walks you through five easy steps. In the process, you’ll discover:

Karen Bouchard—Illumify Media 

URL, Guidelines for Writers: www.illumifymedia.com    

Submissions to Periodical Editors do not require a One Sheet. Please NOTE the word count limits carefully, though, and double-space you work. Thanks.             

NONFICTION: Articles, Christian Living, Ministry & Evangelism; Culture & Contemporary Issues; Devotionals; Discipleship & Personal Growth; Marriage, Family & Parenting; Memoir & Personal Experience; Prayer & Spiritual Warfare; Women’s Interests.

Power for Living is a quarterly curriculum that publishes stories on God's intervention in our lives. 

FICTION:  ALL Genres; Action and Adventure; Contemporary; Fantasy, Speculative, and Sci-Fi; General Market; Inspirational; Legal & Political Thrillers; Suspense, Crime & Mystery; Women’s Fiction.

CHILDREN & YA: Older Teens & YA Fiction.

GREATEST EDITORIAL NEEDS:  Articles for Power for Living. Email me at karenscalfbouchard@gmail.com for submission guidelines. Looking for 750 word columns and 1400 word articles that tell a story of God's intervention in someone's life. 

Also, I help acquire books for Illumify Media. I work with writers of all genres, but right now am particularly interested in working with authors of YA Fiction, Memoirs, Women's Interests, Devotionals.

Helpful Tips:  Illumify is a hybrid publisher open to most genres.

Owner and Publisher
EABooks Publishing


As the Owner and Publisher of EABooks Publishing, Cheri brings a unique blend of publisher and author experience to her company which benefits new, aspiring, and accomplished authors. As an author and speaker herself, with four traditionally published books including 365 Devotions for Peace by Zondervan, and Parables and Word Pictures, a Bible study by AMG, she understands the traditional publishing world. Cheri began EABooks Publishing after learning how to get her own materials into e-book format. With her passion of helping others see God’s Word come alive, she is excited to expand that mission by helping fellow authors take advantage of all the new publishing trends. Says Cheri, “Whether your vision is e-books, print, or audiobooks, we can help you expand your reach with the message God gave you.” 

Workshop 1E: Marketing into Ministry (Thursday, 10:50 – 11:45)
No one wants to hear about you and your book after the third week of your book's release, so how do you market your book without talking about your book? Come learn the proven strategy that turns marketing into ministry AND that sells books.

Please note: Cheri is unable to be with us at the conference but will pre-record her workshop. EABooks Publishing will be represented by Jim Watkins.

Amy Deardon
Publisher, EBook Listing Services
Author, Scientist, Former Skeptic

Amy is an award-winning author, publisher, and budding online entrepreneur. She is eager to help writers take their words to the next level and guide them through the self-publishing minefield. In her life B.C. (before children) she was a Ph.D. scientist under a different name who did bench research. Now married, she lives with her husband and two children near Washington D.C.

Continuing Session 2 – Going Indie
Are you considering indie publishing your book? Do you want to keep costs low and quality high? Then this course is for you! This hands-on continuing session will walk you through the indie publishing process:

Amy Deardon—EBook Listing Services

URL, Guidelines for Writers: www.ebooklistingservices.com

FICTION: ALL Fiction Genres

NONFICTION:  ALL Nonfiction Genres

CHILDREN & YA:  Biographies, Chapter Books, Devotionals, Early Readers – Fiction and Nonfiction, Middle Grade & Tween – Fiction and Nonfiction, Older Teens/Ya – Fiction and Nonfiction

EBook Listing Services is not a subsidy or hybrid. Rather, our company helps you SELF-publish, where you alone make all decisions, keep all rights and profits, and buy books/ebooks yourself at the lowest "printer's price." We believe in empowering YOU to be the publisher rather than publishing under another imprint or company. 

Scoti DomeijScoti Domeij    NOT TAKING APPOINTMENTS
Publisher, Blackside Publishing
Author, Editor
Gold Star Mom

Scoti has held various responsibilities with 10 traditional publishers including author; editor; senior research assistant; copywriter; marketing director; and production, art, and design coordinator. As Director of Springs Writers, which offers monthly conference-quality workshops and bi-annual writing boot camps, Scoti’s passion is to help writers hone their skills, pursue their passion, and publish the story God embedded in their hearts.

She has published over 400 articles in such diverse periodicals as The New York Times, Southwest Art, School Daze, Sam Journal, Contemporary Christian Music, Focus on the Family magazine and other parenting magazines. She contributed to Violence of Action: The Untold Stories of the 75th Ranger Regiment in the War on Terror (Blackside Concepts), Love is a Verb and Heaven Touching Earth (Bethany House), Christmas Miracles (St. Martin’s Press), Extraordinary Answers to Prayer: In Times of Change (Guideposts), and The Mommy Diaries: Finding Yourself in the Daily Adventure (Revell). She authored Bible Heroes (Rainbow Publishers) and co-authored Wrong Way, Jonah (Harvest House Publishers) with Kay Arthur. 

Scoti is the proud Gold Star mother of Army Ranger Sgt. First Class Kristoffer Domeij, KIA October 22, 2011, in Afghanistan on his 14th deployment, the most deployed soldier in American history to be killed in action. As a result of her loss, God opened the door for Scoti to become the Acquisitions Editor and now publisher for Blackside Publishing. In her role as an editor and a contributing writer for Havok Journal, an online Huff-post-style journal targeted to and written by military personnel and veterans, Scoti opens conversations on subjects-you’re-not-supposed-to-talk-about. 

Continuing Session 8 – Build a Book Promotional Power Pack

Many authors frantically try to create last-minute marketing materials after their book launches. Discover the marketing pieces you need to 

Reality check: From your business card to your tag line to your bio to your one-sheet to blurbs to back cover copy to press releases to requests for endorsements, book reviews, interviews, or speaking engagements, to sell sheets for bookstores to writing tweets to communication with your book launch dream team to your media kit (whew!)—your book promotional power pack includes more than two-dozen marketing pieces. Surprise—developing your book promotional power package uses the same creative muscles that make writing fun, fulfilling, and enjoyable.

Give your book the attention it deserves. Scoti will cover how-to:

Miralee Ferrell 
Publisher, Mountain Brook Ink
Speculative fiction: www.fire.mountainbrookink.com
Best-selling Author

Miralee is the owner and founder of Mountain Brook Ink, a traditional publisher with a number of award-winning titles. She is a traditionally published award-winning, bestselling author of 25 books. Her most recent novel, Runaway Romance, released in January 2018 on UP TV and on Hallmark on Demand. Two other books are optioned and should release in 2020. 

She says, “I have a passion to help debut authors get a chance at publication. The fiction publishing world has become difficult to break into due to the reduction of fiction lines. While MBI does take authors who are already successful, we love acquiring authors who need a start. The majority of our authors were unpublished when we contracted them, often with a two-or-three book series. MBI is somewhat unique for a smaller publisher, as we employ our own publicist and work hard to help our authors succeed.

“While I have spoken in a number of venues, I don’t see myself as a speaker as much as an encourager. I love helping writers find ways to succeed, improve, and learn to believe in themselves, whether by teaching a class, leaving positive comments in an edit or critique, or speaking to small groups (or larger ones) about my writing journey and how (what the Lord has done) might minister to them. I love meeting with authors one-on-one and would be happy to mentor as well as consider their work as an acquisition editor.”

Miralee lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband of 46 years, two cats, sixteen chickens, and one very spoiled little dog. They have two children and one grandchild. She is an avid horsewoman and gardener.

Workshop 1C: Fiction with a WOW Factor (Thursday, 10:50 – 11:45) LIVE
Fiction is typically character or plot driven, but creating believing, memorable characters and a strong plot will set your books apart. Strong settings, strong dialogue, deep internal thought, a believable plot, and understanding your characters motivation and what drives them, will all help bring your story to life. Learn to develop multi-dimensional characters that are memorable—stories that stay with the reader days after reading the last page—and characters that leap off the page and become real. This class will help you flesh out the already-good story you’ve started and help it be truly memorable.

Miralee Ferrell—Mountain Brook Ink

URL: mountainbrookink@gmail.com

I love to offer encouragement for debut authors trying to enter the publishing world.


FICTION:  ALL Genres; Action and Adventure; Biblical Fiction; Contemporary; Fantasy, Speculative, and Sci-Fi; General Market; Legal & Political Thrillers; Romance; Romantic Comedy; Suspense, Crime & Mystery.

CHILDREN & YA: Middle Grace Fiction; Older Teens & YA Fiction; Tweens Fiction.

GREATEST EDITORIAL NEEDS: We publish Fiction only: Contemporary romance, thrillers of any kind, cozy mystery, suspense, romantic comedy, Biblical, action/adventure, Spec Fic of all kinds, including YA and Middle Grade/fantasy, all with inspirational overtones but nothing preachy

OVERWORKED TOPICS: We aren't looking for historical or womens' fiction at this time. Possibly open to general market.

HELPFUL TIPS: Please come prepared to share your excitement for your book, why you feel it's a good fit for us, and what makes it different from others that are published. We're looking for unique storylines that haven't been done over and over. We prefer a set or 3 book series. We aren't interested in any stand-alone books at this time.

Michael J. Klassen
President, Illumify Media Global
Author, Ghostwriter
Book Coach


Michael is a bestselling, award-winning ghostwriter, author, freelance writer; book coach; and publisher. He has worked on projects with authors as varied as former president Jimmy Carter (Lessons From Life Bible), Michael John Cusick (Surfing For God), and Rafael Cruz (A Time For Action). He has also served as the theological reviewer for over 30 study Bibles and worked on over 70 traditionally published works. His published works have sold millions of copies and can be found in nearly every Christian bookstore in America.

Workshop 1G: Ghostwriting: How to Write Someone Else’s Story or Message (Thursday, 10:50 – 11:45)
Believe it or not, many of the books we know and love weren’t actually written by the author. They were written by ghostwriters (or collaborative writers). In this workshop, Mike will share tips and tricks he’s learned to write someone else’s story or message. You’ll also learn how you can build a healthy ghostwriting business.

Workshop 5G: How to Make a Living as a Writer (Saturday, 11:00 – 11:55) 
Life as a freelance writer can be compared to riding a roller coaster. Up one day and down the next. But you can smooth out the dips and bends by following the practical advice offered in this workshop. Topics covered include:

You can make a living as a freelance writer and still pay the bills. Michael will show you how.

Michael J. Klassen—Illumify Media

URL, Guidelines for Writers: www.illumifymedia.com                    

FICTION: ALL Fiction Genres

NONFICTION:  ALL Nonfiction Genres      

CHILDREN & YA:  All  Children & YA except Activity Books

Greatest Editorial Needs:  We're looking for transcendent books—well-written books that impart excellence and authority to the author, and inspire and seek to change the world.

Helpful TIPS: We love working with authors who want to make a difference with their books!

Cindy Lambert
Executive Editor-at-Large
Revell and Baker Books
Author, Collaborative Writer

Cindy began her career as owner of an award-winning independent Christian bookstore, then expanded into leadership roles in distribution, consumer research, editorial, and publishing at Ingram, Simon & Schuster, and Zondervan, where she served as vice president and associate publisher of trade books. She currently serves Baker Publishing Group as executive editor-at-large for Revell and Baker Books. She is also a collaborative writer, and has co-authored eight books including the bestseller UnPlanned with Abby Johnson (Tyndale, Focus on the Family, and Ignatius Press) and The Voice with Sandi Patty (Zondervan). She and her husband, Dave, have six children and nine grandchildren and enjoy launching their kayaks off their pier in front of their log home in Michigan.

Early Bird Workshop – Crafting a Winning Nonfiction Book Proposal (Wednesday, 4:00 – 5:00)
A winning book proposal is a tool that entices seven audiences (author, agent, editor, pub board, marketing, creative, and sales) to grasp a contagious vision for a book, and then equips them to successfully play their parts in placing the book into the hands of its ideal readership. (Prerequisite for those accepted for Cindy’s clinic.)

Clinic – Nonfiction Book Proposals
Cindy will lead a group of six authors in critiquing one another’s proposals, then spend the conference improving and fine-tuning them. She will also have a one-on-one 30-minute appointment with each participant. Click here for more information and needed application.

Cindy Lambert—Revell and Baker Books

URL, Guidelines for Writers: http://bakerpublishinggroup.com/contact/submission-policy


NONFICTION:  Apologetics* Bible Studies*Biographies/Profiles*Christian Living/Ministry/Evangelism*Church Growth, Life, Renewal*Culture/Contemporary Issues*Devotionals*Discipleship/Personal Growth*Gift Books/Poetry*Marriage/Family/Parenting*Memoir/Personal Experience*Men’s Books*Prayer & Spiritual Warfare*Women’s Interests


OTHER:  None

Catherine Lawton

Co-owner, Editor-in-Chief
Cladach Publishing


Catherine has been editor-in-chief at Cladach Publishing for 20 years, where she has had a hand in the acquisition, production, and promotion of nearly 50 Cladach titles. She enjoys giving opportunities to talented authors, producing books that show God at work in our world and people working with God, for good. Cathy has a BA in English, training in education and music, and graduate studies in theology. Cathy has authored numerous published books, poems, and articles herself, including one novel and two poetry collections, and has contributed essays to two books on open and relational theology. She is a regular contributor to the Godspace blog as well as her own blog. She continues to produce poetry, essays, and memoir. She lives in Colorado where she is active in inner-healing prayer ministry in her church and outdoor activities with her husband.

Workshop 5D: Using Fiction Techniques in Your Nonfiction (Saturday, 11:00 – 11:55)
Incorporate descriptive detail, use dialogue, paint the scene, set a mood, and add dramatic tension and resolution to bring your nonfiction alive.

Workshop 6G: The How-to and Why of Writing Poetry with Angie Bass Williams (Saturday, 1:00 – 1:55)
Two gifted poets will split this hour workshop.
     Catherine will address how to improve, market, and publish your poetry. In the process, sharpen your observation skills, deepen your relationship with God, connect with and influence others.
     Angie will talk about how poetry packs a powerful punch. Teach the Word, offer hope, and keep the reader engaged by using rhythmic flow and cadence. Convert your poetry into song lyrics or greeting cards.

Cathy Lawton—Cladach Publishing

URL, Guidelines for Writers: http://cladach.com/authors/                  


NONFICTION: Church Growth; Life & Renewal; Discipleship & Personal Growth; Memoir & Personal Experience; Prayer & Spiritual Warfare.


OTHER:  Poetry

Edwina Perkins
Managing Editor
Harambee Press
An imprint of Iron Stream Media

Assistant Director Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference
Manager Sensitivity Between the Lines 
Award-winning Writer
Speaker, Freelance Editor


Edwina is an award-winning writer, experienced teacher, speaker, and freelance editor and writer. She served on the Word Weavers Orlando Leadership Team and now is a part of the Word Weavers International Advisory Committee. She worked as a content editor with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas and is currently the Managing Editor for Harambee Press—LPC’s ethnic voices imprint which seeks to publish ethnic writers. She is also a contributing writer to Guideposts. Edwina is a wife, mother of four adult children, grandmother of two, and owner of a 16-year-old bichon poodle mix who believes the world revolves around him. Sometimes it does.

Pre-Conference Webinar – The Dreaded “E” Word (Link provided in your Registration Acknowledgement Email.)
Getting the words on the page is only the first step. Next, time to edit. The ability to self-edit is an important component to polishing your manuscript. Any writer who is serious about publication needs to work hard to learn how to self-edit. This workshop will introduce you to some basic—and not so basic—self-editing tips to help take your manuscript to the next level. 

Workshop 1B: The Importance of Sensitivity/Diversity Readers (Thursday, 10:50 – 11:45)
“As a push for diversity in fiction reshapes the publishing landscape the emergence of sensitivity readers seems almost inevitable” (Katy Waldman). The number of books about ethnic characters has risen over the last few years. From 10 percent in 2013, to more than a quarter of young adult and children’s books featured characters of color in 2016. Sensitivity readers are not police of free speech. Their intent is not to be censors. They’re readers who review manuscripts for issues of bias, issues of representation, cultural inaccuracies, and insensitive language in order to make suggestions to authors. This workshop will address questions such as: What does a sensitivity reader really do? Does your project need one? Is a sensitivity reader paid? How do you become a sensitivity reader?

Workshop 6C: Creating Believable Characters (Saturday, 1:00 – 1:55)
They eat, breathe, get angry, and fall in love. Your characters have a story to tell, but they need to be believable. In this workshop, we will look at tips that will help your characters come alive and help your readers want to connect.

Edwina Perkins—Harambee Press/Imprint of Iron Steam Media

URL, Guidelines for Writers: http://www.ironstreammedia.com/submission-process

NONFICTION: Culture & Contemporary Issues; Marriage, Family & Parenting; Women’s Interests.

FICTION:  Contemporary; General Market; Inspirational; Issues Fiction; Romance; Women’s Fiction.

CHILDREN & YA: Older Teens & YA Fiction.

GREATEST EDITORIAL NEEDS:  Harambee Press greatest needs are in women's fiction and culture/contemporary issues.

OVERWORKED TOPICS:  I'm not looking how-to manuscripts. 

HELPFUL TIPS:  Completed manuscripts are important with fiction and mostly completed with nonfiction. Have an established and growing platform.

URL, GUIDELINES FOR WRITERS: Look at Iron Stream Media's website for guidelines

Linda Evans ShepardLinda Evans Shepherd 
Author, Speaker - www.sheppro.com
Publisher, Leading Hearts Magazine
President, Right to the Heart Ministries
Founder & Director, Advanced Writers & Speakers Assc. (AWSA)


Linda is a nationally known Christian speaker and an award-winning, best-selling author of over 30 books. Her online and speaking ministries have seen well over 350,000 people come to Christ and are seen by over 90,000 people daily. In addition to writing and speaking, Linda is president of a large Christian ministry, Right to the Heart, and also ministers to the top 500 Christian women authors and speakers in the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA) that she founded and directs.  She’s the publisher of the EPA Award Winning magazine, Leading Hearts, and the publisher of the all new Arise Daily e-devotional.

Continuing Session – Reach the World with Your Message
If you want to answer God’s call to share your message, life story, or ministry topic, Linda will show you her insider tips to help you identify your message, build your brand, then find the best ways to share it. She will give you the scoop about book writing, articles, speaking, publishing, interviewing, social media, and if you need to create a non-profit ministry. She’ll also share the secrets she’s discovered as an author, book and magazine publisher, conference organizer, screenwriter, TV host, social media influencer, and non-profit head. Consider new ideas, and discover how to take the next step in becoming an influencer.

Linda Evans Shepherd—Jubilant Press

URL: lindareply@gmail.com



CHILDREN & YA: none 

OTHER: Gift Books; Humor.

GREATEST EDITORIAL NEEDS For Arise Daily, we use 500 - 600 word devotionals centered around a single Scripture.  For our magazine Leading Hearts the articles must be for Christian women in leadership.

HELPFUL TIPS:  Consider joining AWSA.com if you want to write for our publications and/or book projects like our recent book Arise to Peace published by Bold Vision Books.

James N. Watkins
Acquisitions Editor

EABooks Publishing
Author, Speaker

Jim is a writer saved by grace. That’s what’s most important. Not that his 20 books and over 2,500 articles have won numerous national awards, or that he has worked as a magazine and book editor since his sophomore year in college or even that he taught writing for fifteen years at Taylor University. And it’s really not important that he’s spoken around the world in churches, colleges and conferences. What is important is that he loves God, his family, writing, mentoring writers and Chinese food—in that order. He has been online since 1997 and has welcomed millions of visitors from virtually every country around the world. The site has grown from a few book excerpts to hundreds of posts, videos, and original music.

Four of Jim’s books have won national industry awards (Christianity Today “Book of the Year” award of merit and “Retailers Choice Award”) and for his reporting and editing (five Evangelical Press Association awards), as well as an “Amy” award for writing in the general market. He was also honored with an “Alumnus of the Year in Literature” from Indiana Wesleyan University. (Go Wildcats!)

His articles have been published by Christianity Today, Decision, Focus on the Family, Guideposts, Leadership, Ministry Today, Rev., Today’s Christian Woman, The Upper Room, USAToday, The Whittenberg Door, War Cry, and many more.

His website has been honored by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for its creative Christian message.

Workshop 4A: Are Authors in Their Write Minds? (Friday, 1:45 – 2:40)
Jim will talk about the mental health of authors, particularly clinical depression, and how authors can embrace their challenges. (Studies show those with depression actually have greater creativity, sensitivity, and understanding than others.) 

Workshop 5E: Evaluating Your Options (Saturday 11:00 – 11:55)
We’ll discuss traditional publishing, answer some forbidden questions, and take a look at the many options for self, independent, co-publishing, and partnership publishing.

James Watkins—EABooks Publishing

URL:  www.eabookspublishing.com

NONFICTION: Articles, Articles Military Related; Culture & Contemporary Issues; Devotionals; Discipleship & Personal Growth; Prayer & Spiritual Warfare.

FICTION:  none


OTHER: Humor 

GREATEST EDITORIAL NEEDS:  As a self-publisher, we are open to all genres and subjects with a Christian worldview

URL, GUIDELINES FOR WRITERS: www. eabookspublishing.com

W. Terry Whalin
Acquisitions Editor
Morgan James Publishing

Terry understands both sides of the editorial desk – as an editor and a writer. Terry worked previously as a magazine editor, and a book acquisitions editor at Howard Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster and David C. Cook and he also ran his own literary agency for a couple of years.

Terry’s nonfiction writing has appeared in magazines like Christianity Today, Writer’s Digest, The Writer and more than 50 other publications. Terry is an active member of The American Society of Journalists and Authors, which is the leading nonfiction writers group in the United States.

Terry has written more than 60 books through traditional publishers in a wide range of topics from children’s books to biographies to co-authored books. Several of Terry’s books have sold over 100,000 copies. Terry and his wife, Christine, live in Colorado.

Terry Whalin—Morgan James Publishing

URL: terry@morganjamespublishing.com



CHILDREN & YA: Middle Grace Fiction; Nonfiction Ages 9-12; Older Teens & YA Fiction; Tweens Fiction.

GREATEST EDITORIAL NEEDS:  We primarily publish nonfiction books. Of those books about 25-30 are Christian books. Many general market. We published over 200 books last year. We publish about 25-30 novels and 1-2 children's books

OVERWORKED TOPICS:  children's books are challenging but still looking for the right ones.

HELPFUL TIPS:  children's books are challenging but still looking for the right ones.



Periodicals & Online Markets

Submissions to Periodical Editors do not require a One Sheet.
Please NOTE the word count limits carefully, though.


Karen Linamen Bouchard
Acquisitions Editor
Illumify Media Global
Editor, Power for Living
Best-selling Author, National Speaker

See above for Karen’s bio and workshops she will be teaching.

Kimberly Carr

URL: CBN.com

NONFICTION: ALL Genres; Apologetics; Articles, Articles Military Related; Bible Studies; Biographies & Profiles; Christian Living, Ministry & Evangelism; Church Growth; Life & Renewal; Culture & Contemporary Issues; Curriculum, How-to & Teaching; Devotionals; Discipleship & Personal Growth; Marriage, Family & Parenting; Memoir & Personal Experience; Men’s Books; Prayer & Spiritual Warfare; Women’s Interests.

FICTION:  ALL Genres; Action and Adventure; Biblical Fiction; Contemporary; Fantasy, Speculative, and Sci-Fi; General Market; Historical; Historical Romance; Inspirational; Issues Fiction; Legal & Political Thrillers; Literary; Romance; Romantic Comedy; Southern; Suspense, Crime & Mystery; Women’s Fiction.

CHILDREN & YA: ALL Genres; Activity Books; Biographies; Chapter Books; Devotionals; Early Readers; Graphic Novels; Middle Grace Fiction; Nonfiction Ages 6-8; Nonfiction Ages 9-12; Picture Books; Older Teens & YA Fiction; Tweens Fiction.

OTHER: Gift Books; Humor; Poetry.

GREATEST EDITORIAL NEEDS: Current event-related biblically-based practical advice on daily living. Making spiritual connections to daily life. Teens, singles and dating experience, multi-generational households, step-families, adult children, any type of family dynamics

OVERWORKED TOPICS: Anything that's generic and impersonal. 

HELPFUL TIPS: Be specific. Our readers are seeking "doable" practical advice based on personal experience coupled with Christian inspiration. Use examples from your life in your article.  Don't be afraid to write about tough topics with sincerity and sensitivity.

URL, GUIDELINES FOR WRITERS:  CBN.com submission guidelines are available upon request.


Debbie Hardy 
Representative, ChristianDevotions.us
Author, Speaker
Queen of Resilience

Debbie, the Queen of Resilience, didn’t start writing until age 57. Since then, she has published three books; written devotions, blogs, and magazine articles; contributed to anthologies; and been interviewed on radio and TV over 200 times. A Colorado resident and accomplished pianist, Debbie is a member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, National Speakers Association of Colorado, and writers groups where she mentors aspiring authors. She speaks at women’s meetings, retreats, and conferences, sharing ideas on how to fight age and become fabulous. Gramma Debbie is proof that you’re never too old to live your dream.

Pre-conference Webinar – Get the Book Inside You to Come Out (Link to be provided to registered conferees)
How do you get the book inside you to come out? And then what? We'll cover the process, from writing to pitching, submitting, publishing, publicity, and marketing. And you'll get a basic knowledge of writing terms, dispelling many myths of the publishing world.(Link to be provided to registered conferees.)

Debbie Hardy—ChristianDevotions.us

URL, Guidelines for Writers: ChristianDevotions.us -- Click on "Write for Us" for instructions and examples.

Submissions to Periodical Editors do not require a One Sheet.

Please note: 400 word limit for article or devotion – double-spaced. 


Sherri Langton
Associate Editor, Bible Advocate
Now What? e-zine
Freelance Writer

Sherri is the associate editor of the Bible Advocate magazine and of Now What? e-zine. She has worked 30 years in Christian publishing. She is an award-winning freelance writer whose work has appeared in Focus on the Family, In Touch, Upper Room, Today’s Christian Woman, Marriage Partnership, Discipleship Journal, Decision, Quiet Hour, and other publications. Sherri also has contributed to Chicken Soup for the Soul in Menopause, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Parenthood, My Turn to Care, Teatime Stories for Women, Becoming a Godly Man, Faces of Faith, Hurray God!, God Still Meets Needs, and Understanding Depression and Suicide: Hope in the Darkness. In addition, she teaches worrkshops at several Christian writers conferences. Sherri lives in Denver where she plays drums and percussion at her church.

Workshop 3B: Three Puzzles of Periodicals (Friday, 10:50 – 11:45)
You have a great idea, but how can it become something worthy of print? This class will help you solve three puzzles that often stump writers wanting to submit to magazines: 1) what makes an idea marketable; 2) what “package” best suits an idea (devotional, teaching article, how-to, personal experience, etc.); and 3) what makes a piece connect with readers.

Workshop 4D: Using Negative Experiences for Positive Impact (Friday, 1:45 – 2:40)
Why do bad things happen to good writers? Is it chance, or is there divine design behind them? This class will teach writers that God uses negative things to not only change them but also inspire them to create stories and articles that will bless and encourage readers—and change lives. 

Sherri Langton—Bible Advocate, Now What? e-zine

Submissions to Periodical Editors do not require a One Sheet. 

Please NOTE:  Articles for Bible Advocate should be between 600-1200 words and double-spaced. 
                         Articles for Now What? should be betwee 1000-1500 words and double-spaced.

NONFICTION: Articles; Christian Living, Ministry & Evangelism; Memoir & Personal Experience.



OTHER: Poetry.

GREATEST EDITORIAL NEEDS:  We are still formulating our themes for next year, but 2022 will center on something like "Back to the Gospel"  or "Good News!"

HELPFUL TIPS:  It's been said many times, but please study the magazine and become familiar with our approach. Also, please include your contact info, rights, etc. on the manuscript. Be sure to read the submission guidelines carefully.

URL, GUIDELINES FOR WRITERS:  https://baonline.org/write-for-us-2/

Stephen O’Rear
Associate Editor
Focus on the Family Clubhouse Magazine

Stephen writes for the hopeless middle-school nerd in all of us. An editor at Focus on the Family's Clubhouse Magazine since 2011, he specializes in puzzle-writing, story structure, and all things delightfully strange. He co-authored the children's comic Captain Absolutely, four-time EPA winner for Best Cartoon.

Workshop 3G: Focus on the Family Children/Youth Magazines Editor Panel (Friday, 10:50 – 11:45) – LIVE

Stephen O’Rear—Focus on the Family, Clubhouse Magazine


FICTION:  none

CHILDREN & YA: Devotionals; Early Readers; Graphic Novels; Middle Grace Fiction; Nonfiction Ages 6-8; Nonfiction Ages 9-12; Older Teens & YA Fiction; Tweens Fiction.

OTHER: Humor; Poetry.

GREATEST EDITORIAL NEEDS:  1. Interview/personality feature of real kids (ages 5-12) who do great things for God; 2. Attractive crafts and recipes (no dessert) for children to make; 3. Creative devotional articles (800-1,000 words) for kids on how to live faithfully


OVERWORKED TOPICS:  Stories about foolish/naughty children. Young readers should relate to the characters, even if they make mistakes.              

HELPFUL TIPS:  1. Short fiction must include a child protagonist; 2. Target less popular holidays (Grandparents Day, Father's Day) when pitching crafts/recipes; 3. Humor rarely hurts. If you make a kid laugh, she'll keep reading.


Submissions to Periodical Editors do not require a One Sheet. Please NOTE the specific word counts for what you are pitching.

Club House

Club Jr. (ages 3-7)

Brio (teen girls)

Do the work! Read the guidelines for more great information!

Clubhouse (age 8-12)… https://www.focusonthefamily.com/clubhouse-magazine/about/submission-guidelines/

Club Jr. (age 3-7)… https://www.focusonthefamily.com/clubhouse-jr-magazine/about/submission-guidelines/

Brio (teen girls)… https://media.focusonthefamily.com/brio/pdf/brio-writers-guidelines-2019.pdf


Marti Pieper
Senior Editor, Charisma Media
Author, Collaborative Writer, Editor
Editor, GPCWC Team


Marti’s eclectic publishing career includes ghostwriting a young adult memoir that made the ECPA bestseller list and traveling to six Latin American countries to share stories of teen mission trips and an award-winning missionary memoir. She has written seven traditionally published nonfiction books and edited several more, written and edited for both print and digital publications, and taught at multiple writers conferences. A fulltime freelance writer and editor, she serves as senior editor for Charisma Media and hosts several podcasts on the Charisma Podcast Network. Find her at www.martipieper.com, where her “Snapshots of Dementia” blog details life with her husband, who suffers from an early-onset dementia.

Workshop 3D: Master the Memoir (Friday, 10:50 – 11:45)
Do you have a life story the world needs to hear? Do you want to leave a legacy in print for family, friends, and beyond? The dos and don’ts, including the importance of a narrative thread and the mystery of marketability.

Workshop 6B: A Million Little Pieces: Ethics for the Christian Writer (Saturday, 1:00 – 1:55)
Today’s publishing climate provides as many ethical challenges as it does opportunities: How true should y true-life story be? When and why do I need permissions for the quotes and illustrations I use? How do I acknowledge those who have helped along the way? How does my character influence my writing? We’ll explore the answers to these questions and more.

Marti Pieper—Charisma Media

URL:  charismanews.com/charismamag.com/charismaleader.com

Submissions to Periodical Editors do not require a One Sheet. 

Please NOTE:  Articles should be between 500-1000 words and double-spaced. Nothing longer. 

NONFICTION: Christian Living/Ministry/Evangelism, Discipleship/Personal Growth, Prayer & Spiritual Warfare

Greatest Editorial Needs:  We do not currently accept much freelance material, but we will look at news stories that relate to the charismatic-Pentecostal market and strong nonfiction articles that speak to that market (prophetic words, miracles, healing, etc.). We do not accept freelance submissions for print, but writing well for us online can be an avenue to a request to write for us in print.

Overworked topics:  Please, no crazy demon stories.

Helpful Tips:  As with any publication, become familiar with the websites and their content before you submit. Any personal experience story is best written to illustrate biblical truth with a clear reader takeaway.

Linda Evans ShepardLinda Evans Shepherd 
Author, Speaker - www.sheppro.com
Publisher, Leading Hearts Magazine
President, Right to the Heart Ministries
Publisher, Arise Daily, a daily e-devotional
Founder & Director, Advanced Writers & Speakers Assc. (AWSA)

See above for Linda’s bio and the continuing session she will be teaching.


Linda Evans Shepherd—Leading Hearts; Arise Daily

URL: lindareply@gmail.com



CHILDREN & YA: none 

OTHER: Gift Books; Humor.


Submissions to Periodical Editors do not require a One Sheet. 

Please NOTE:  Devotionals for Arise Daily should be 500-600 words.

                          Articles for Leading Hearts should be 500 words unless it is a feature article. Those would be 1000.


GREATEST EDITORIAL NEEDS:  For Arise Daily, we use 500 - 600 word devotionals centered around a single Scripture.  For our magazine Leading Hearts the articles must be for Christian women in leadership.

HELPFUL TIPS:  Consider joining AWSA.com if you want to write for our publications and/or book projects like our recent book Arise to Peace published by Bold Vision Books.



For info on booking your appointments click here.


For more information on editorial needs, be sure to check the The 2021 Christian Writer’s Market Guide available at a discount from the Write His Answer Bookstore. To help you prepare for GPCWC, I encourage you to also check out the other titles in our bookstore. There is no shipping charge for orders over $35, and all the books are discounted. Book sales help us meet conference expenses.