Update on Cec Murphey


A Note from Twila, Cec's Assistant:

Many of you have emailed Cec recently and wonder why he hasn't responded. Many of you know about his current situation and have inquired about his progress. Many of you aren't aware of what has happened. The purpose of this email is to give all of you the latest report on Cec. We still plan on sending out his monthly newsletter at the beginning of September and will have another update then.

In the wee hours of the morning on Thursday, August 12, Cec fell. He was hospitalized the next morning (Friday, August 13) with concern over a possible brain bleed.

On Monday afternoon (August 16), he had surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain. Surgery went well. He came out with two holes in his head and drain lines. Those were removed on Wednesday (the 18th), and his incisions were stapled shut.

Since then, he's been making slow, but positive, progress. His blood pressure and oxygen level have improved and continue to improve with mobility. Throughout this whole experience, he hasn't had any pain, but he's weak and tired. Of course, being the active person he is, he struggles with that.

His daughter C.C. said, "This is not a sprint but a marathon. One day at a time. One step at a time."

Late Monday afternoon of this week (the 23rd), they moved him to a different room to start in-hospital rehab. Yesterday (Tuesday), he worked with three therapists, and he got dressed and sat in a chair for the first time. (See picture on left.)

Today (Wednesday), he was thrilled to have his first shower. In the picture on the right, he's giving me a report. "I'm doing well," he said. "The brain bleed is totally gone." I could sense a lilt in his voice.

Cec and his family appreciate your prayers. As he continues to progress, they ask that he receive no phone calls. And because of COVID restrictions, no visitors are allowed. If you'd like to send him a card, you may mail it to his home. His daughter will make sure he gets it. Here is the address:

Cec Murphey
4297 Tucker North Court
Tucker, GA  30084

Thank you for your care and support of Cec. He is well loved.