"So don't lose a minute in building
on what you've been given,
complementing your basic faith with
good character,
spiritual understanding,
alert discipline,
passionate patience,
reverent wonder,
warm friendliness,
and generous love,
each dimension fitting into
and developing the others."

2 Peter 1:5-7 (MSG)



Just as we need to add to our faith, we need to add to our arsenal of writing skills in order to do the best possible work for the Master. Each week I hope to add to this page a free resource to encourage and equip you in your writing ministry. So please visit again and share this URL with your friends. And Father, help us all to grow in faith and knowledge and determination to give You our best.

Called to Write His Answer
Bible Study

Lay a Solid Foundation
Bible study

Write Your Testimony
Whether magazine or book length
we all have a story - a memoir - to share

Go & Grow, Write & Speak through the Hurts
Bible study

Making It Happen
Chapter 3 from Write His Answer
 A Bible Study for Christian Writers

Overcoming Procrastination
Chapter 9 from Write His Answer
A Bible Study for Christian Writers

Proclaiming Truth in Perilous Times
Chapter 33, Write His Answer
A Bible Study for Christian Writers

Writer's Statement of Faith

If you struggle with self-doubts and discouragement, you're not alone. In fact, I find that those who are truly gifted and called  are the ones who often struggle the most. God's Word is a powerful weapon for winning this battle.

Crisis of Confidence
Everyone who is serious about writing will face turning points  when the choice must be made—move ahead or turn back. Repeatedly, we will be forced to ask ourselves whether or not we are willing to risk failure . . .

Put on the Armor
Chapter 12, Write His Answer
A Bible Study for Christian Writers

“Do you realize, Child,” I felt Him say,
“that the things you are writing may one day convict you?
Are you willing to follow Me despite the cost?”

Book Signing Tips
Thank you, Ava Pennington,
for the helpful tip sheet
for Friday night’s book signing.


Overcoming Doubts

Do you feel called to “write His answer” and yet struggle with self-doubts? Truthfully, through working with hundreds of writers through the years, I find that the those who really have a gift with words and a message that needs to be published are the ones most likely to be crippled by self-doubts.

I shudder when I think of how many times I almost gave up because my self-doubts were so loud and insistent. Why would anyone want to read what I wrote? I What made me think that I could write for the Lord? I wasn’t qualified! How could He possibly use someone who was only a high school graduate? I felt ashamed and woefully inadequate. Click here to read more.

Bear Fruit
Bible study

Spring really is coming! I've ordered some perennials including a beautiful two-tone peony. (Peonies and lilacs are my favorite flowers.) But I'm especially excited as I think of the vegetables I hope to grow. Even though I have a small plot, I'm going to plant corn again. I love watching it grow, and there's nothing better than fresh-picked corn.

Are you planning a garden? What will you grow? More importantly, what fruit does Father want to see grow in your life?