Handouts 2021



Disclaimer: These handouts have been prepared for the 2021 Colorado Christian Writers Conference and are available only to those who have registered and/or have bought the CDs. Please respect the copyright and print only for your own use. If you wish to use them in any other forum, please contact the workshop presenter to get their permission. Thank you!






4:00-5:00 pm     E1  The 25-Hour Day—Ava Pennington

7:00-8:00 pm     E2  Brandstorming—Dick Bruso




CS1 — Authentic Writing that Changes Lives – Dr. Peter Lundell

CS2 — Going Indie – Amy Deardon

CS3 — Serve Your Audience: The #1 Way to Grow a Rock-solid Platform—Patricia Durgin

CS4 — The Fiction Writer’s Toolbox – Susan Baganz

CS5 — Developing Your Nonfiction Book – Bill Watkins

CS6 — Reach the World with Your Message – Linda Evans Shepherd

CS7 — Growing Your Craft to Increase Your Impact (fiction & nonfiction) – Tim Riter

CS8 — How to Build a Book Promotional Power Pack – Scoti Domeij



WORKSHOP 1 — Thursday, 10:50-11:45

1A — How to Thrive as a Creative – Karen Scalf Bouchard

1B — The Importance of Sensitivity/Diversity Readers – Edwina Perkins

1C — Writing Mystery & Romantic Suspense – Miralee Ferrell

1D — Write Your Story and Change Lives – Dr. Mel Tavares

1E — Marketing Into Ministry – Cheri Cowell

1F — Networking – Deb Haggerty  LIVE

1G — Ghostwriting: How to Write Someone Else’s Story or Message – Michael Klassen



WORKSHOP 2 — Thursday, 1:45-2:40


2A — Handling the Word with Your Words – Ava Pennington

2B — The Christian Mind and Christian Linguistics – Laura Bartnick

2C — Let’s Talk Screenwriting – Dianne E. Butts

2D — Nonfiction Research Strategies & Organization – Jendayi “J” Harris

2E — Your Marketing Profile – Stephanie Allen

2F — Create a Best Seller Brand – Dick Bruso  LIVE

2G — Challenging Youth Trends – Dr. Mel Tavares



WORKSHOP 3 — Friday, 10:50-11:45


3A — Get Out of the Boat—Angie Bass Williams

3B — Three Puzzles of Periodicals—Sherri Langton

3C — Dialogue Tags: Needed or Overused?—Linda Glaz

3D — Master the Memoir—Marti Pieper

3E — Think Outside the Publication Box—Debbie Maxwell Allen

3F — Marketing for Writers Who Don't Like to Market—Jim Hart

3G — Focus on the Family Children's Magazine Panel—Jesse Flores


WORKSHOP 4 — Friday, 1:45-2:40


4A — Are Authors in Their Write Minds?—Jim Watkins

4B — Build Your Platform with Twitter and Facebook—Dianne E. Butts

4C — The 3-Step Secret to Making Your True Story or Movel More Riveting—Karen Bouchard

4D — Using Negative Experiences for Positive Impact—Sherri Langton

4E — Creating a Caviar Audiobook on a Tuna Fish Budget—Richard Rieman (tentative)

4E — Creating a Caviar Audiobook on a Tuna Fish Budget—Richard Rieman (tentative)

4F — Fast-Track Your Speaking Outreach in 2021 & Beyond—Dick Bruso LIVE

4G — Writing Books for Children—Michele Lazurek


WORKSHOP 5 — Saturday, 11:00-11:55


5A — From Conference to Contract—Del Duduit

5B — Revelation, Inspiration, or Perspiration?—Angie Bass Williams

5C — Fiction with a WOW Factor—Miralee Ferrell

5D — Using Fiction Techniques in Your Nonfiction—Catherine Lawton

5E — Evaluating Your Options—Jim Watkins

5F — Publishing 101—Deb Haggerty LIVE

5G — How to Make a Living as a Freelance Writer – Michael J. Klassen – LIVE


WORKSHOP 6 — Saturday, 1:00-1:55


6A — What to Do When the Words Are Not There—Roy Ruesch & Roy Hanschke

6B — A Million Little Pieces: Ethics for the Christian Writer—Marti Pieper

6C — Creating Believable Characters—Edwina Perkins

6D — Writing a True Story—Debra Moerke

6E — Before Your Book is Published—Laura Bartnick

6F — 5 Easy Steps to Create Freebies and Lead Magnets to Grow Your Email List—Karen Bouchard

6G — The How and Why of Writing Poetry—Angie Bass Williams and Catherine Lawton