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Coming a distance?
Tuesday night lodging is available.




1:00 - 4:00 Learning Labs


LL1    An Afternoon with Liz Curtis Higgs 

LL2    Too Much Data, Too Little Time with Scoti Domeij
           Not every author wants to become a data geek and too few authors pay close attention to metadata. Metadata—your book’s DNA—is the most crucial information to market and sell your book today. Bar none. Global access to your book increases the importance of metadata. What is metadata? Online info that describes your book and connects your book to prospective book buyers. Metadata is how your book is found online, marketed, tracked, and referenced. Every publishing platform requires metadata. This critically important learning lab includes:

LL3     Superb Style: In Three Big Steps with Tim Riter
           In last year’s virtual Colorado conference, Tim Riter shared four keys to excellent writing in a well-received major session. Tim and his passion for excellence in the craft of writing will return, in a three-hour learning lab where superb style will be explored, giving readers an improved chance for their writing to be noticed in the midst of the glut of information that cries, “Read ME!” The key is to intentionally play with three elements of style: word choice and structure (diction and syntax), to know when and how to break the rules and conventions of grammar to enhance the impact, and how to craft your work to persuade your readers. 

LL4     Jumpstart Your Creativity! with Mary Potter Kenyon



2:15 – 3:15 Making the Most of Your First CCWC (no charge)

First time at the CCWC?  Congratulations, and if you feel a little overwhelmed, please know that you’re going to feel much more comfortable and knowledgeable over the next few days.  But why wait to be a Writer’s Conference expert until the day before you go home?

Why not be confident and fully prepared for this amazing event from Day 1? 

How about sitting down with Eric Sprinkle, a 5-year “veteran,” who can give you a detailed overview and share all the tips and tricks to help you navigate the three big areas you’ll encounter while here – Networking, Craft-Sharpening, and Potentially Selling your Work.  


5:00 – 6:00 Early Bird Workshops                     

E1      – 


E1     Soloving Plot Problems – Dave Lambert
           Every novel is a mystery novel. By that I mean that every reader is reading to find something out – and when they no longer care about that something, they stop reading. The way you keep their interest piqued is by skillful use of plotting. In this class, we’ll examine many aspects of this all-important fiction technique: Handling suspense, handling conflict, confrontation, and compulsion, foreshadowing, plot structure, the intersection of plot and character, and common mistakes



E2     Crafting a Winning Nonfiction Book Proposal – Cindy Lambert
            A winning book proposal is a tool that entices seven audiences (author, agent, editor, pub board, marketing, creative, and sales) to grasp a contagious vision for a book, and then equips them to successfully play their parts in placing the book into the hands of its ideal readership. Prerequisite for those taking her clinic, but this workshop is open to everyone.



6:00 Check-in (rooms may be available earlier) & Dinner

7:45 Opening Session & Keynote


9:15      Critique Groups

There is no registration fee for Wednesday
and no charge for the evening session.

Learning Lab from 1:00 to 4:00 pm – cost $55 

Early Bird workshop from 5:00 to 6:00 pm – cost $25
(Only $15 if you also register for a Learning Lab)

Coming only on Wednesday?
Learning Lab – cost $70
Early Bird workshop – cost $30
($25 if you also register for a Learning Lab)
There is an additional $20 YMCA commuter fee
if you are not a YMCA member
or you are not lodging on campus.


CCWC was such a blessing and inspiration to me; I had the opportunity to connect with other writers and some agents, and even develop friendships. I also was "wowed" by the godly and Spirit-filled environment.

Bonita Jewel - Fresno, CA