Paid Critiques

Are you looking for One-on-One Help with your WIP but don’t want to spend a fortune?

Take advantage of our Paid Critique opportunity! In a 20-minute phone call or FaceTime or Zoom after the conference a faculty member of your choice will:

ALL THIS for only $40 paid directly to the critiquer!

A word from our Appointments Coordinator, Barbie Haley:

I don’t think I’ve ever learned as much as I have from professional edits of my work.

Folks spend thousands of dollars to earn a college degree.

What are you willing to spend to become an expert writer?

Dig deep. Sign up for a paid critique. Learn from the best! 

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It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact the faculty member of your choice using their email address provided below.

Dear ______. I am interested in having you do a paid critique. I understand we will meet after the conference ends via phone (call or FaceTime) or ZOOM. Please let me know whether or not you still have an opening. If you do, I will then send you a submission according to the guidelines listed on I look forward to working with you. Thanks for your time and attention.

Guidelines for Paid Critique Submissions:


Scroll down to find contact information for your paid critique. 


Brooks, Tez—Author, Speaker, Freelancer, Writing Coach


Guidelines: Submit up to 1500 words (double-spaced)

# of Critiques: 6 total across these categories: Devotions, Marriage and Family, Apologetics, Proposals, Memoirs, Self-help, Men’s Issues


Bruno, Beatrice—Speaker, Author, US Army Veteran


Guidelines: First 5 chapters or 30-50 pages each, of fiction project (preferably Christian mystery)

# of Critiques: 5 to 10 


Carpenter, Larry A.—President, Christian Book Services LLC, Carpenter’s Son 
Publishing, Clovercroft Publishing, Sports Publishing Group


Guidelines: Submit up to 12 double-spaced pages. Any genre.

# of Critiques: 7


Chynoweth, Michele—Author; Speaker; Book Coach; Editor, Elk Lake Publishing


Guidelines: 25 pages. All genres.

# of Critiques: up to 10

Crabtree, Shane—COO, Christian Book Services LLC


Guidelines: Submit up to 12 double-spaced pages. Any genre.

# of Critiques: 5


Deardon, Amy—Publisher, EBook Listing Services; Author


Guidelines: About 15 pages/3,500 words. All genres.

# of Critiques: About 5. Will evaluate readiness for publication, options for publication (traditional, self), and give concrete steps for what they need to do next.


Elliott, Sharon Norris Dr.—Founder/CEO, AuthorizeMe Literary Firm, LLC; Speaker; Author


Guidelines: Picture book, full manuscript. Women’s and men’s nonfiction, Christian living: One sheet, chapter 1 (not the introduction), and chapter synopsis

# of Critiques: 5-8 picture books; 3-4 women’ and men’s nonfiction, Christian living.


Halter, Pam—Editor, Fruitbearer Kids; Author


Guidelines:  Picture book (ages 4-8)—1,000 words or less

# of Critiques: 


Hardy, Debbie—Representative,; Author; Speaker: CCWC Team


Guidelines: Articles/Bible Studies/Books: 12 double-spaced pages; Devotions: 500 words

# of Critiques: 3 total across categories


Hering, Marianne—Author


Guidelines: Picture books, whole manuscript; early grade (age 7-10), 3 chapters

# of Critiques: 2


Kittleson, Gail—Author


Guidelines: Memoir, Historical Fiction. Submit up to 12 double-spaced pages. 

# of Critiques: 5+ total across categories


Klassen, Michael—President, Illumify Media Global; Author; Ghostwriter; Book Coach


Guidelines: 1,000 words. Christian nonfiction (memoir, devotional, theological)

# of Critiques: 5 or 6


Kuo, Rowena—CEO and Executive Editor, Brimstone Fiction, Brimstone Books and Media, Brimstone Fire


Guidelines: First 12 pages in all fiction genres, YA, and Children’s + Screenplays

# of Critiques: 20


Langton, Sherri—Associate Editor, Bible Advocate magazine, Now What? e-zine; Freelance Writer


Guidelines: Submit up to 12 double-spaced pages. Articles, devotionals, profiles, personal experiences.

# of Critiques: 3-4


Littleton, Jeanette—EABooks Publishing


Guidelines: Up to 10 double-spaced pages

# of Critiques: Up to 5


Lazurek, Michelle—Literary Agent, WordServe Literary Agency; Acquisitions Editor, Roaring Lion Publishers


Guidelines: 1st five page of leadership, spiritual growth, Christian living; children’s picture book; whole manuscript

# of Critiques: 10


Mills, DiAnn—Author Speaker


Guidelines: First double-spaced 10 pages of manuscript and a 1 ½ page single-spaced synopsis. All FICTION genres but horror.

# of Critiques: 6


Pennington, Ava—Author, Bible Study Fellowship Teacher, Speaker


Guidelines: Submit up to 1,500 words (double-spaced)

# of Critiques: 5 total across categories


Pieper, Marti— Senior Editor, Charisma Media; Author; Collaborative Writer; Editor;
          CCWC Team


Guidelines: Submit articles: up to 500 words; book ideas: up to 12 double-spaced pages

# of Critiques: 5 total across categories


Shepherd, Linda Evans—Author, Speaker



# of Critiques: 4


Whiting, Karen—Certified Writing/Marketing Coach with AWSA, Author, Speaker


Guidelines: Marketing plans, Proposals, Nonfiction, Devotions, Children’s Nonfiction

# of Critiques: No limit