Paid Critiques


Need more help and encouragement on a manuscript?

In addition to the free 15-minute appointments you receive, you may want to take advantage of this opportunity to have your work reviewed prior to the conference by the seasoned professional(s) of your choice in preparation for a 30 minute appointment.

There is a charge of $35 for each critique, payable when you register. Since a limited number of consultations are available, we encourage you to register early to reserve your space so you will not be disappointed.

Study the faculty bios (agents & other professionals, authors, editors) to see who is available for paid critiques and the genre. (NOTE: This info will be posted with their bios by mid-February.)

Your manuscript needs to be emailed by April 30 to Barb Haley at Please do not send more than is requested below. Carefully follow these guidelines:

A word from our amazing Appointments Coordinator, Barb Haley

We have a fantastic list of faculty willing to do paid critiques: agents, editors, authors, and other professionals. Let me encourage you to consider taking full advantage of this opportunity. I don’t think I’ve ever learned quite so much as I have from professional edits of my writing. 

We’re coming to the conference to learn more about the craft of writing. But the opportunity to have a trained pair of eyes look over our work, point out strengths, and offer personal ideas to improve our skills is invaluable. Many years I've done 3-4 paid critiques, and I know it is definitely some of the best money I have ever spent! A full half-hour of individual guided instruction and advice for just $35. 

I once heard an instructor talk about how much money folks spend to go to college and earn a degree. Then she compared that to the amount we are willing to spend to become experts at our craft. That said . . . I suggest we all dig deep, sign up for those paid critiques, and learn from the best!

~ Nonfiction ~

Articles – One or two articles with a total word length of no more than 1,800 words.

Devotionals – 1-4 devotionals for a total of 1,200 words.

Nonfiction books - You can choose to send either:

      Your book proposal – Expand on the info in the sample One Sheet Book Proposal (click here) or the format the market you are aiming for has requested.  This and your Table of Contents can be single spaced. In addition, include a portion of your first chapter (double spaced) for a total of 12 pages. Please note: Your One Sheet and Table of Contents are part of the 12-page total.

      or First Chapter - limit 12 pages.

~ Fiction ~

Short stories – 1,800 words.

Novels – 1-2 page SYNOPSIS (single-spaced) and a portion of your first chapter (double-spaced) for a total of 12 pages.


~ Other ~

Picture Books – 900 words.

Humor – 1,500 words.

Blogs or website evaluation - Your URL.

Plays, Puppet Scripts, or Dramas – Maximum 10 pages.

Poetry – Five poems no longer than 20 lines each.

Screenplays – 10 pages.