Mealtime Q and A


Mealtime Q & A’s

You are encouraged to come and go from as many as interest you. They are NOT recorded.

Thursday, 12:15 – 12:55 MT

Celebration Web Design – Jonathan Shank, my webmaster, will answer questions. I have been with Celebration for around ten years. Cannot say enough positive about the support they give me. Jonathan and his dad are not just my webmasters,they are my friends and prayer partners. If you need a website, I HIGHLY recommend them. They will be offering a discount to conferees.

Blogging – Michael Klassen. If you’re not blogging, you need to be. Author, Editor, and Publisher Mike Klassen can answer questions and encourage you.

Scrivener & Vellum – Debbie Maxwell Allen is an expert on these programs that I have heard so many positive things about. al years ago it was only around $50. I confess I have never learned how to used it! Vellum is for a program for MAC users. Both very helpful from what I’ve heard for writing projects and typesetting books.

Certified AWSA Coaches – The Advanced Writers & Speakers Association is a group of over 500 women writers and speakers. Faculty members Patricia Durgin, Michelle S Lazurek, Susan Neal, Ava Pennington, and Karen Whiting are gifted AWSA coaches. If you’re looking for a coach (they have different specialities) you need to check them out.

Social Media – My friend, Terry Whalin is amazing! If anyone has answers for how to effectively use social media, he’s your man. And yes, friends, until we are blocked from sharing our faith on social media, we need to “Make the most of [our] chances to tell others the Good News” (Col. 4:5 TLB).

Faculty Networking in faculty room.


Thursday, 6:00 – 6:40 MT

Manuscript CPR – A friend for about the last 40 years (good grief that dates us), Jim Watkins knows the world of publishing and how to give life to manuscripts that may seem hopeless. He has authored 20 books and over 2,500 articles.

CIPA (Christian Independent Publishers Association) – I can’t say enough about all the help Susan Neal provides authors through CIPA. You need to get to know her and find out the incredible advantages to becoming a member.

Editorial Services – Marti Pieper’s is a joy to work. One of God’s many gifts to me is her friendship.

Speaking – If you’re a writer, especially of nonfiction books, you also need to be building a speaking minisgtry. Joel Armstrong, Del Duduit, and Peter Lundell are here to encourage you, give you tips, and answer your questions.

Create a Brand - Literary agent Dan Balow has been in Christian publishing since 1983. His early bird workshop, The Marketing Section of Your Book Proposal, was packed with helpful info. I took a couple of pages of shorthand notes even though I’ve been teaching this for years. It’s still available at

Dinner with the Authors – Of course, you need to bring your own food (or eat earlier or later), but this is a wonderful opportunity to get to know our authors.

Friday, 12:15 – 12:55 MT

Celebration Web Design – If you didn’t get to meet Jonathan Shank yesterday, spend some time with him today. You’ll be glad you did!

CIPA (Christian Independent Publishers Association) – Learn more about how Susan Neal and CIPA can help you!

Editing & Writing Coaches – Get to know Susan Baganz and Edwina Perkins and how they can help you make your writing shine for Him!

Editing & Writing Coach – Peter Lundell, who was mentored by Cec Murphey, is another great coach.

CAN (Christian Authors Network) – Miralee Ferrell, Michelle Lazurek, Ava Pennington, and Marti Pieper are all members of this organization all Christian authors need to seriously consider joining.

Screenwriting Ins & Outs – Dianne E. Butts and Vicki Dorshorn are award-winning screenwriters who have taken advantage of the great training offered by Ted Baehr in Hollywood.

Faculty Networking in the Faculty Room.


Friday, 6:00 – 6:40

Word Ninjas – Karen Bouchard’s energy, knowledge, and servant heart makes becoming part of this Facebook group a must.

Writing for Children – Stephen O’Rear, an associate editor of Focus on the Family Clubhouse Magazine, specializes in puzzle-writing, story structure, and all things delightfully strange. He has answers for your questions.

Writing for CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) – Kimberly Carr

Writing Coach – Peter Lundell, mentored by Cec Murphey, is 

Marketers on a Mission  We keep hearing as authors that we need to “build our platform.” Patricia Durgin has Father’s 

Dinner with the Authors – They’d love to meet YOU.