Sell Your Book


I’ve never forgotten what my friend, Gayle Roper, said years ago about the real work beginning after your book is published. In addition to workshops on marketing and Tamara Clymer’s continuing session on “Mastering Marketing,” we want to help you get the word out about your book at the conference. Here are two opportunities we encourage you to take advantage of:

Share a tip for those who have not yet published 

What was the biggest hurdle God helped you to overcome to get your book in print? What has He taught you? What word of advice or encouragement do you have for those who have not yet published? Share your experience in 200 words or less along with a picture and description of your book. (You may want to send a selfie of you holding your book.) In addition to posting this on our conference website, you may be chosen to tell us more during our “Spotlight on Authors” at the conference.


Sell your book in our conference bookstore 

We are happy to make your book available for sale through our conference bookstore. Because of the work involved, we are limiting you to just one book. If you have more than one book in print, ask Father which one He wants you to make available.

To include your book in our conference bookstore at you need to email the following to Chris Richards at as soon as possible. Please do NOT wait until the last minute. Chris will be traveling and not have Internet access after July 22. 

IF YOU REGISTER AFTER JULY 21 Chris has offered to still include your book if you get the following info to her no later than August 5-FIRM. Please copy me ( so I can help Chris if needed. 

After the conference, you will receive: