Teens 2021



Because of going virtual this year, we have decided not to offer Teens Write. But teens are the future, and it's important to support and encourage them. So please see the email below from one of our team members, Darcie Gudger, and pass it on to a teen who is interested in writing or to your church secretary or youth leader. With going virtual, teens from all over the country can participate. And at $59, it's one-third the price of an adult registration.

Important: My website was broken into ? and the dropdown with the teen price got deleted. So here’s how we’ll make it work. Click here for registraton form.  In the drop down beside Registration on the bottom of the first page (right above the verification check) click $100. But not to worry. On the bottom of the second page in third box click “I will mail a check.” And then in the Comments box just above, type I’m registering as a teen for $59.

Hey aspiring teen writers,

Things are a bit different this year... well, they have been different for the past year and a half. 

Anyway, since there is no Teens Write with the virtual August 26-28 Colorado Christian Writers Conference, your friendly neighborhood Teen's Write expert (me!) has curated a list of workshops to help boost your novel-writing aspirations. 

Before I share the list, lean in. Closer. I have a secret. Don't tell the adults because they don't get this deal.

For you guys who are in 6th - 12th grade, we will reduce the cost of the conference to only $59 dollars.

SHHHHH! I know you're excited and the shrieks are bursting from your lips. Because you teens are my FAVORITE people, the conference director decided to give your MORE than 50% off. Actually, my calculator tells me it's one-third off! How cool is that? It's the cost of a Switch game. 

I hope I can connect with you all over a lunch or dinner break during the conference so we can chat about writing. And remember, this deal is for teens ONLY! Because you are awesome and I want to see a lot of you!

From the desk of the Mad Scribbler,


Editor, Instructor, and Author of SPIN, TOSS, and CATCH

P.S. Here’s the list: