Virtual Blessings

Patti Shene
Faculty Member
Writer, Blogger
Podcaster, Step Into the Light


COVID-19 has cramped our style since it first reared its ugly head in March of 2020. Two years later, here we are still in a state of uncertainty and potential risk.

The part of our lives that has been most severely curtailed is in person large gatherings. Whether vaccinated or not, boosted or not, a former COVID-19 patient or not, new information is brought to light almost daily.

We as Christians know that “A man’s mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps” (Prov. 16:9 RSV). We may kick and scream and protest vehemently when those directed steps lead us down a path we did not wish to travel.

Once again, the plans for an in-person Colorado Christian Writers Conference have taken us back to the virtual Zoom screen.
Let’s shed our tears of disappointment, stomp our feet in frustration, and shake our fists at the nasty little bug that set this pandemic in motion. And then . . .

Do what Christians do. Look for the blessings in this turn of events.

Cost effectiveness - A virtual conference saves the expense of travel and lodging.

Travel – From your bed to your desk. That’s as far as you have to go!

Dress – Enjoy your softest slippers and oldest comfy jeans all day long! No one needs to know what you are wearing from the waist down!

Environment – Keep your room cold or warm as you like. No battling bad weather.

Breaks – Grab your coffee, a snack, or answer a nature call at your convenience. Just “mute” your camera and no one knows you’ve “left the room” for a moment.

Familiar faces – Scroll through the participant Zoom screen and find your friends.

Chat – Each Zoom session offers a chat feature where members can share public or private information. BONUS: chats can be saved to your computer for later reference.

Screenshots – Forever preserve important information on your computer, such as PowerPoint slides or charts.

Health – No masks or vaccination proof needed!

“We know that in everything God works for good with those who love him, who are called according to his purpose” (Rom. 8:28 RSV).

We can’t meet the Lord "on the mountain" this year, but I am excited to see what good He holds in store for each of us right where we are.

~ * ~ * ~

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Patti will be teaching the workshop "Magnify Your Message" at the conference. She says, "Behind every good book, whether non-fiction or novel, is a message. Magnify your message over the airwaves. Learn how to create an engaging podcast and how to share your message effectively as a podcast guest."