Walk-in Info


Walk-ins are welcome! Please ask Father if He is calling you to come for one day or all four. We will work with Him to make what may seem impossible – possible. Child care, time off work, finances – nothing is too difficult for Him. Time payments, if needed, can be worked out. 

There is room in all the classes.

Appointments with editors, agents, and authors can be made once your arrive. 

Click on Location & Lodging for needed info and call the Y at 970-586-3341, ext 1349 to reserve a room. Lodging includes meals from dinner the day of your arrival through lunch the day of your departure. By staying on campus you do not need to pay the daily $15 YMCA fee for non-members unless, of course, you are a YMCA member :). 

Wednesday Early Bird Workshops: Click here for a description of all 18 workshops. They are a real bargain at only $25 for one, $40 for two, and $55 for three. If you are only able to be with us on Wednesday, the cost is $40 for one, $65 for two, $85 for three. Click here for the time and location. Since registration does not open until 3:00 pm, you can go directly to a workshop and pay afterwards. The Wednesday evening keynotes and night owls are free of charge.

When you arrive at the YMCA: If you’re a commuter, go to the registration desk in the west lobby of the Ruesch Auditorium. If you're staying on campus, go to the Administration Building to pick up your room key and meal passes but not until after 3:00 pm. The Administration Building is the first building on your left with a large porch and a flagpole in front of the building. Go upstairs to check-in. After you check-in and get settled in your room, go to the registration desk in the Ruesch Auditorium (the largest building on your left just past the administration building with a wraparound porch) to register and receive your name tag and info packet. Again, please note that registration does not open until 3:00 pm on Wednesday. Click here for a campus map.

Bring comfortable shoes and clothes you can wear in layers. Although we’re anticipating springtime weather (average high 61; average low 34), it may drop to freezing in the evenings. Jeans are fine (essential if you’re planning to go on the Saturday evening hayride). The atmosphere will be informal and relaxed. We’re here to learn from one another and to seek the Lord in a retreat setting.

Bring a water bottle if you are not from a high (8,010 feet) altitude and dry climate. (We will have stainless steel water bottles with the Write His Answer logo available for a donation to our scholarship fund.) You may want to bring a swimming suit. 

If you need help with your luggage or can’t find where you need to be, call Eric Sprinkle (719-322-6992) or Tom Pieper (352-460-2474). 

Have questions? Email me at mbagnull@aol.com or Chris at passingthequill@gmail.com. The quickest way to reach us is by calling us at the Y at 970-586-3341, ext 1164.   

Register online (click here) to save the additional $15 walk-in fee. Or when you arrive give us a good reason for why you’ve waited until the last minute and the walk-in fee is likely to be waived.