Handouts 2022



2022 Write His Answer Handouts

Disclaimer: These handouts have been prepared for the 2022 Write His Answer Conference and are available only to those who have registered and to our faculty. Please respect the copyright and print only for your own use. If you wish to use them in any other forum, please contact the workshop presenter to get their permission. Thank you!


PreConference Workshops

PreC1 – Brandstorming with Dick Bruso     Click Here

PreC2 – Connect at the Conference     Click Here

PreC3 – Developing a Great Nonfiction Pitch     Click Here


Learning Labs  TEST

Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 1:00 – 3:30

LL1 – An Afternoon with Liz with Liz Curtis Higgs     Click Here

LL2 – Too Much Data, Too Little Time with Scoti Domeij

LL3 – Superb Style: In Three Big Steps with Tim Ritter     Click Here     

LL4 – Jumpstart Your Creativity with Mary Potter Kenyon     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here

Continuing Sessions

1 – Story Structure & Screenwriting with Dianne E. Butts     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here

2 – Writing (& Selling) Personal Experience Stories with BJ Taylor     Click Here        Click Here     Click Here

3 – From idea to Manuscript to Masterpiece with Dr. Sharon Norris Elliott     Click Here

4 – The Successful Author of Nonfiction with Dan Balow     Click Here

5 – Building Rock-Solid Fiction with Tim Shoemaker     Click Here

6 – Short Road to Publication: Writing Articles & Devotions with Karen Whiting     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here

7 – Mastering Marketing with Tamara Clymer

8 – Your Writing Life – Dig Deep, Build High with Ava Pennington     Click Here                     

9 – Writing for Children and Teens with Pam Halter     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here


Nonfiction Book Proposals Clinic with Cindy Lambert     Click Here

Fiction Clinic with Dave Lambert


Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 4:30 – 5:30

W1 – Nonfiction Book Proposals with Cindy Lambert     Click Here

W2 – Solving Plot Problems with Dave Lambert

W3 – Incorporating God’s Word to Change Lives with Mike Klassen    Click Here

W4 – Publishing in a Postmodern Context with Catherine Lawton

W5 – How NOT to Talk to an Agent or Publisher with Lori Wildenberg


Thursday, May 12, 2022, 10:45 – 11:45

1A – The Sacred Journey with Debbie Alsdorf

1B – Art & Science of a Fiction Proposal with Janyre Tromp

1C – Start Strong: Nonfiction First Lines & First Pages with Jim Hart     Click Here

1D – Six Deadly Self-Pub Mistakes & HT Fix, Part 1 with Mike Klassen and Karen Bouchard

1E – Breaking into the Magazine Market with Jesse Florea

1F – Fear Factor with Lori Wildenberg

1G – Would God Call You to Write for a Secular Market? with Mary Potter Kenyon


Thursday, May 12, 2022, – 1:45-2:45

2A – Successful Co-Authoring with Jesse Florea and Karen Whiting     Click Here

2B – Deep POV with Darcie Gudger

2C – Memoir Writing with Gail Kittleson     Click Here

2D – Peaks & Pitfalls in Indie Publishing with Bob Ruesch and Roy Hanshke     Click Here

2E – The Anatomy of the Query with Tez Brooks     Click Here

2F – Magnify Your Message with Patti Shene     Click Here

2G – Write for the Reader with Lori Wildenberg


Friday, May 13, 2022, – 10:45 -11:45

3A – Self-Editing, Spelling & Style with Twila Belk     Click Here

3B – Use Figurative Language for More Effective Description with Holly DeHerrera     Click Here

3C – Writing Epic Bible Studies for a Post-Pandemic World with John Herring

3D – Six Deadly Self-Pub Mistakes & HT Fix, Part 2 with Mike Klassen and Karen Bouchard

3E – What’s In / What’s Out in Publishing with Blythe Daniel

3F – Increase Website Traffic thru Blogging & Pinterest with Susan Neal     Click Here

3G – Reaching Children & Youth with Jesse Florea and Tim Shoemaker


Friday, May 13, 2022 – 1:45-2:45

4A – Writing, Health & Spiritual Life Balance with DeeDee Lake

4B – Tapping into Your Own Story: Write What You Know with Holly DeHerrera     Click Here

4C – Book Doctor: Take Your Nonfiction from Good to Great with Marty Pieper     Click Here

4D – Everyone is Self-publishing Or So It Seems with Terry Whalin     Click Here

4E – Create a Caviar Audiobook on a Tuna Fish Budget with Richard Rieman     Click Here

4F – Revolutionary Writing with Darcie Gudger

4G – Secrets of Writing to Men with Tez Brooks     Click Here


Saturday, May 14, 2022 – 9:30-10:30

5A – Make Your Writing Sing with Twila Belk     Click Here

5B – First Round Fiction Edits Using Story Structure with Janyre Tromp

5C – The Literature of Personal Disaster with Sherri Langton     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here

5D – Alternatives for Publishing Your Book with Shane Crabtree

5E – Editors Read Book Proposals Not Manuscripts with Terry Whalin     Click Here

5F – HT Market You Book When You Don’t Want to & Don’t Know How with Debbie Hardy     Click Here

5G – Seasoned with Salt with Becky Spencer


Saturday, May 14, 2022 – 10:45-11:45

6A – Perservance with Jendayi Harris     Click Here

6B – Fantasy Genres . . . Where Do I Belong? with Rowena Kuo

6C – Narrative Nonfiction: The Power of Story with Marti Pieper

6D – How to Create a Professional Looking Book with Susan Neal     Click Here

6E – Where’s God in All This? with Tez Brooks     Click Here

6F – Building a Platform that’s Genuine with Blythe Daniel

6G – Reaching Women with Linda Evans Shepherd     Click Here