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The keynotes, built around our “Write His Answer” theme,
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Wednesday, 7:30 pm

Old Paths, Ancient Markers - Guarding the Treasure of the Gospel

Michael Gantt                               
Pastor, Speaker, Missionary, Author
“Sharpening the Iron of the Church”

Director, Kenya Development Fund

Michael  started out as a gospel singer in his teens, began preaching at 14, and in the course of the past 50 years he and his wife, Barbara, have raised up a large, vibrant family of musicians, singers, and preachers. He preached from the same pulpit for almost 38 years before turning over the leadership of the church to his oldest son.

Though Michael remains active in the local church, assisting his son wherever needed, he also maintains an active missionary ministry in East Africa as he has for over three decades, doing leadership training, church planting, and an exciting ministry to the Deaf through the Immanuel Christian School for the Deaf.

Michael is the author of five books and an active blogger on a variety of issues. His heartbeat is driven by the twin themes of guarding the integrity and authority of the Bible and the restoration of the home as the Center of the Kingdom.

It wasn’t the messenger the council feared, it was the message; it was the Name. They hoped their threats would frighten the believers into silence, but it only emboldened the disciples. Their prayer was powerful: “Grant unto us boldness to speak the word of God . . .” (Acts 4:29 ESV).

Caesar thought that he might strike fear into the hearts of the disciples, but he learned what so many have learned since; that the true follower of Christ is not discouraged by persecution and threats, but set afire by them. From deep inside a dungeon the victorious cry of Paul rings out even today, “I am bound in chains like a common criminal, but the Word of God is not bound!” (2 Timothy 2:9 ESV).

Thursday, 8:30 am

Our Voice in a Hostile Climate

Dr. Peter Lundell 
Author, Pastor, Teacher

Peter says, “When I grasped that the God of the Bible was the greatest ultimate truth—and that he loved me despite who I was—I fell in love with him, and my world changed. I got a Master of Divinity and Doctor of Missiology from Fuller Theological Seminary and am now a pastor, writer, and teacher. . . . My highest value in life, why I exist–and if you’re a believer, I hope you might agree with me—is expressed in the Lord’s Prayer, ‘Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’ . . . The Kingdom of God is our highest priority. I want to be an usher of God’s kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven. How? Live by God’s Word and Spirit.”

With life experiences all over the world, Peter brings new perspectives to what most people overlook. His latest book is The Sailboat and the Sea: Encounters with God through the Journey of Life. He is also the author of Prayer Power, Armed for Battle, and other titles.


In a society that is increasingly deceived and divided, our calling is to write in the opposite spirit. What does this mean, and how do we effectively and consistently do it? 

Thursday 7:30 pm

The Price of Mercy

Dr. Bruce Porter
Pastor, Speaker
Author, Podcaster, Responder

Bruce and his wife, Claudia, have planted and pastored five churches over the span of 40 years. He has preached and ministered in over 40 nations, visiting some of them over 20 times. Bruce served briefly as a Missions Pilot in Central and South America, and holds a Commercial/Instrument pilot’s certification.

Part of his ministry has included compassion responses to terrorist attacks and natural disasters. He served ten years as a volunteer firefighter and medical First Responder. This included ministry to his fire department as Chaplain. He also served as a Moral Leadership Officer with the Civil Air Patrol. His ministry responses include search and rescue work at Ground Zero in New York City after the 9/11 terrorist attack in 2001. Also, he provided counseling and critical incident management at various terrorist and school shooting incidents since 1998, beginning at Columbine High School. These outreaches included Red Lake High School, Platte Canyon High School, the Amish School massacre, Erfurt Germany, and Beslan Russia.

Bruce has authored three books: The Missing Link in Missions (out of print); The Martyr’s Torch, The Message of the Columbine Massacre, and Destroying the Shadow Agenda, A Christian Manifesto

Currently Bruce pastors Torch Life Church in Morrison, CO. He and Claudia continue their ministry to their community and in Africa, where they are establishing a school in Nairobi, Kenya.

Will the people of the United States find the grace to repent and grope our way back to our previous constitutional foundations? The dangers we face are serious, but the solution cannot be found solely in the political realm. The political views of men merely reflect the underlying worldview or convictions of the heart. All politics are the means of implementing binding policies of law according to the inner convictions people hold as to what is right or wrong, true or false. The record of history repeatedly demonstrates that when those convictions are formed according to the baser passions of pride, arrogance, avarice, lust for power or fame, or the pursuit of physical pleasures; the nation becomes corrupt, impoverished, and eventually unlivable. However, when God’s Word is held in honor by a people, and His wisdom and precepts are implemented into binding political policies, the nation prospers, violence diminishes, and happiness is possible.

Thursday, 8:15 pm

America at the Crossroads – 2020

Charles J. Patricoff
Author, Historian
Future and Hope

Charles has supported the Department of Defense for over 40 years. His US Military and industry career included threat analysis to make weapon-systems acquisition decisions. He has supported our nation’s important military programs, currently assigned to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter production effort. His work gained recognition throughout the military departments and weapons development corporations. He has a personal passion for American History and our nation’s unique Christian heritage. He taught the American Civil War at Colorado Christian University, and he has written an American Civil War series entitled, “Destination Hope.” Charles writes numerous articles for the Christian Post and the Centennial Institute addressing socially and politically sensitive topics. In 2016, he spoke at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer’s Conference, and he has attended the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference for over a dozen years and frequently serves on faculty. His current book, The President’s Piano, is coming soon from Ampelos Press.

Have we been on a rollercoaster ride since November 2016? And now 2020 is shaping up to be another pivotal year for the United States of America. Will it swing wildly back to a Progressive/Socialist society like many European morally and fiscally bankrupt states, or will it continue its course to become a stronger Constitutional Republic? Many Christians desire to know what the Bible teaches regarding today’s sensitive social and political issues. Christian writers can address controversial subjects in our posts, articles texts, and stories. Should we?

Friday, 8:30 am

Be Still and Know

Angie Bass Williams

Pastor, Author, Speaker


Angie is a retired Federal employee and a Support Pastor at Grace Mennonite Fellowship in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She preaches in various denominations, and is a guest on Valley Family Forum’s television and radio programs. Angie has served as Publicity Director and Prayer Ministry Team Leader for interdenominational evangelistic crusades. She was Advertising Director and Staff Writer for “Blessings” magazine, and operated a home-based writing and editing business. She enjoys writing poetry, hospitality, teaching Bible studies, and helping others to get their books published.

Her book, Jesus Wants Your Mind!, demonstrates how to allow God’s Word to dominate our thinking, producing spiritual maturity. Angie underwent breast cancer surgery and radiation treatments while writing Joy In Adversity. This account of God’s overcoming power in her life serves to encourage and build the faith of others who are walking through life’s trials. Having experienced many episodes of physical suffering and difficult times, such as the loss of three babies and numerous surgeries, Angie says, “We are what we are in adversity!” One of her favorite Scriptures is Philippians 4:6-7, which tells us not to worry, but to pray and thank God for the answers, resulting in His perfect peace.

Move to a deeper level of faith and intimacy with God by establishing a pattern of stillness before Him. Since that which dominates the mind controls the person, let’s reclaim the ancient biblical art of meditation, which can enable us to find God’s peace and courage to face daily challenges.

Friday, 6.45 pm

Author’s Night

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Eric Sprinkle holds the mic as authors share with the audience “What’s in it for you?” A fun and informative evening followed by book signings.


Saturday, 8:30 am

Find Your Place at the Table

Tim Shoemaker

Author, Speaker

By God’s grace, Tim is the author of 14 books, and he just got contracts for two more. He is a popular speaker at conferences and schools around the country.  For over 25 years he has worked with youth as a volunteer and still loves it.

Code of Silence, book one of his contemporary suspense series, was included in the Booklist Online “Top Ten Crime Novels for Youth.”

Tim is passionate about helping kids and adults become true men and women of God, something he does through his writing, speaking, and teaching. 

If you want to strengthen your fiction, Tim will show you how to do it. He is all about encouraging and equipping writers to do what they do—better.

Happily married for over 40 years, Tim’s three sons are married and raising families of their own. Tim and his wife live in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.

We live in a culture that is so often “all about me.” Over-confidence can be a problem. There are dangers to putting ourselves in a position of greater importance than we should. There are also some very real hazards to thinking too little of ourselves—and the lack of confidence that results. We need a balanced perspective . . . and we’ll look at being right-minded in a proud and insecure world.

Saturday 4:30 pm

One Word Changes Everything

David Rupert
Corporate Communicator
Journalist, Ghostwriter
Featured writer at Patheos Evangelical



David is a Colorado-based writer, speaker, and communicator. His passion is to Live a Life of Yes (the title of his latest book), helping others experience the joy and wonder of simple trust and faith.

As a communications professional, David has been interviewed more than 1,000 times by various local and regional media as well as national outlets including Fox News, Good Morning America, and CNN. He is an engaging speaker and teacher of a variety of subjects at conferences and events across the nation.

In 2014, David formed Writers on the Rock, a writers group in Denver, which has grown to eight local chapters in Colorado with more than 800 engaged writers. The group also hosts an annual conference which began sells out every year and is now the largest one-day Christian writers conference in the nation. 

David served for nine years as the chaplain for the nation’s 30,000 Postmasters, advising senior leadership, speaking across the nation, and writing a monthly column for their national publication. He also served as the editor of one of the nation’s largest employee newsletters for eight years, winning many awards.

Today he’s helping men, women, and youth learn the most liberating word in the English language. “Yes!”

What's holding you back from writing His answer?  One simple word can help you walk a fresh path of discovery.  


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