Handouts 2018


Disclaimer: These handouts have been prepared for the 2018 Colorado Christian Writers Conference and are available only to those who have registered and/or have bought the CDs. Please respect the copyright and print only for your own use. If you wish to use them in any other forum, please contact the workshop presenter to get their permission. Thank you!



Wednesday, 1:00-4:00pm

E1 – The Courage to Pursue Your Writing Dreams with Paula Moldenhauer  Click Here

E2 – Customize Scrivener: Write Faster, Write Smarter with Debbie Maxwell Allen  No Handouts

E4 – Write Gripping Fiction-How to Abduct Your Reader with Darcie Gudger   No Handouts


Wednesday, 1:00-2:00

E4B – How to Write a Book AND Get it Published with Debbie Hardy.    1 Click Here     2 Click Here    3 Click Here    4 Click Here

E5 – Balancing Privacy & Relationships When Writing Real Life Events with Cindy Lambert    Click Here

E6 – Mastering the Five Variations of Show vs. Tell with Tessa Emily Hall   Click Here

E7 – Poetry with Catherine Lawton   Click Here

E8 – Ten Tests for Your Nonfiction Book with Andy Scheer Click Here


Wednesday, 2:15-3:15

Orientation – Making the Most of Your First CCWC with Eric Sprinkle     1 Click Here   2 Click Here


Wednesday, 3:30-4:30

E9 – Care and Feeding of Editors with Susan Baganz and Chris Richards  No Handouts

E10 – Troubleshooting Your Unsold Novel with Nick Harrison  1 Click Here   2 Click Here

E11 – Devoted to You with Beth Patch  No Handouts

E12 – Create Your Own Coloring Book with Shelley Ring    No Handouts


Wednesday, 4:45-6:00

E13 – Go Viral: Social Network Marketing with W. Terry Whalin   Click Here

E14 – Evaluating Your Options with Cheri Cowell  Click Here

E15 – Crafting a Winning Nonfiction Book Proposal with Cindy Lambert   Click Here

E16 – Create a Best-Seller Brand and Fast-Track Your Speaking Outreach with Dick Bruso  1 Click Here   2 Click Here


CONTINUING SESSIONS —  Thursday–Saturday

CS1 – Write from the Deep with Erin Taylor Young  No Handouts

CS2 – Writing Narrative Nonfiction with Craig von Buseck   1 Click Here   2 Click Here   3 Click Here   4 Click Here   

5 Click Here   6 Click Here  7 Click Here

CS3 – Writing Women’s Fiction with Deborah Raney  1 Click Here   2 Click Here   3 Click Here   4 Click Here   5 Click Here

CS4 – Screenwriting with Brian Bird   1 Click Here   2 Click Here   3 Click Here

CS5 – Your Book Launch Game Plan with Scoti Domeij   Click on Link for Handouts:   https://springswriters.wordpress.com/resources/

CS6 – Advanced Fiction Writing with Dave Lambert  No Handouts

CS7 – Writing that Changes Lives with Bill Watkins   1 Click Here  2 Click Here   3 Click Here

CS8 – Indie Publishing with Ken Raney   1 Click Here   2 Click Here   3 Click Here




Thursday, 2:15-3:15

1A – Feeling Green? with The Kandels.  Click Here

1B – Writing His Answer for Seekers & Believers with Lynn Eib   Click Here

1C – Using Your Past in Your Fiction with Susan Baganz  Click Here

1D – Nonfiction Book Creation from the Ground Up with W. Terry Whalin  Click Here

1E – Beyond Books with Rick Marschall  No Handouts

1F – Building Your Author Platform with Dan Balow  No Handouts

1G – Reaching Today’s Youth with Rob Cook  No Handouts


Thursday, 3:30-4:30

2A – Emotional Healing and the Writer with Peter Lundell  Click Here

2B – Self-Editing with Lt. Col. Allen Satterlee   Click Here

2C – Ten Tests for Your Novel with Andy Scheer  Click Here

2D – Sharing Your Faith Story with Carol Round   1 Click Here    2 Click Here   3 Click Here

2E – Before Submitting Your Proposal with Tamara Clymer  No Handouts 

2F – Yes, You Can Ace Your Interview with Linda Evans Shepherd   Click Here

2G – The Picture Book with Abby Rodriguez   No Handouts


Friday, 2:15-3:15

3A – The Heart of the Writer with Susan Baganz   Click Here

3B – Unnecessary Things for Writers with Dan Balow  No Handouts

3C – Fantasy Genres … Where Do I Fit? with Rowena Kuo   No Handouts

3D – Using Fiction Techniques with Catherine Lawton   Click Here

3E – Understand and Negotiate Contracts with W. Terry Whalin   1 Click Here   2 Click Here   3 Click Here

3F – Meticulous and Mindful Marketing with Blythe Daniel and Stephanie Alton  No Handouts

3G – Children’s Book Trends with Jesse Doogan  No Handouts


Friday, 3:30-4:30

4A – Has Publication Become an Idol? with Debbie Maxwell Allen  No Handouts

4B – Writing Articles that Teach with Sherri Langton   1 Click Here    2 Click Here

4C – Creating Page-Turning Fiction with Jennifer Slattery   Click Here

4D – Being Real in Your Writing with Peter Lundell   Click Here

4E – When You Don’t Have a Platform with Nick Harrision   Click Here

4F – Social Media for the Reluctant with Cheri Cowell   Click Here

4G – Creating a Believeable Voice for MG and YA Novels with Abby Rodriguez  No Handouts


Saturday, 10:45-11:45

5A – Journaling with Jesus  Click Here

5B – Everyday Writing with David Rupert  No Handouts

5C – Mastering Realistic Dialogue with Rowena Kuo   No Handouts

5 D – Writing to Men with Dan Balow  No Handouts

5E – Back Cover Copy with Shelley Ring   No Handouts

5F – Creative Marketing with Tamara Clymer  No Handouts

5G – Reach Kids with the Gospel with Terrence Clark   No Handouts


Saturday, 2:45-3:45

6A – Pursue His Purpose with Judy Dunagan  Click Here

6B – Being Relevant to Today’s Readers with Rick Marschall  No Handouts

6C – Characters that Grab the Reader with Jennifer Slattery  Click Here

6D – Master the Memoir with Marti Pieper   1 Click Here   2 Click Here

6E – Matchmaker, Matchmaker with Sherri Langton  1 Click Here   2 Click Here  3 Click Here   4 Click Here

6F – Branding for People Who Are Not Cows with Peter Lundell  Click Here

6G – Writing for CBN.com with Beth Patch  No Handouts