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2023 Write His Answer Handouts

Disclaimer: These handouts have been prepared for the 2023 Write His Answer Conference and are available only to those who have registered and to our faculty. Please respect the copyright and print only for your own use. If you wish to use them in any other forum, please contact the workshop presenter to get their permission. Thank you!


PreConference Workshops

PreC1 – 


Learning Labs  

Wednesday, May 11

LL1 – Adapt Your Story into a Screenplay with Rowena Kuo

LL2 – Transitions: Turning Spoken Words into Written Ones (Pastors and Speakers) -Tim Riter     Click Here

LL3 – The Why and How of Website Creation with Jonathan Shank

LL4 – Basic Editing and Chainsaw Editing with a Scalpel Touch with Jeanette Littleton

LL5 – Writing for the Homeschool Market with Lynn Dean     Click here

LL6 – Speak with Power, Passion, and Polish with Yvonne Ortega

LL7 – Writer, Thou Art Loosed! WriteCamp Intensive with Beatrice Bruno

LL8 – Honest Fiction That Honors the Father with Terry Brennan

LL9 – Is There a Book Dr. in the House with Diana Flegal & Eddie Jones     Click Here


Continuing Sessions

CS1 – Authentic Writing That Changes Lives with Peter Lundell     Click Here

CS2 – Exploring the Art of Fiction with DiAnn Mills     Click Here

CS3 – Think Like a Publisher: Self-Publishing Made Simple with Scoti Domeij

CS4 – Writing for Magazines – Sherri Langton     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here

CS5 – The #1 Way to Grow a Rock-Solid Platform: Serve Your Audience with Patricia Durgin

CS6 – How to Write Narrative Nonfiction and Memoir with Dr. Craig von Buseck

CS7 – Develop a Unique Marketing Plan with Karen Whiting     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here  

CS8 – Writing for Children Ages 3 through 12 with Pam Halter     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here

CS9 – The Christian Communicator with Kevin Wayne Johnson



Wednesday – 5:00 – 5:50 

E1 – Partnering With God as You Write with Cheryl Ricker

E2 – Writing for the Digital Age: Levering Technology to Improve Your Craft with Michael Klassen

E3 – Storytelling with Karen Porter

E4 – Writing Your Past into Your Fiction with Susan Baganz     Click Here

E5 – Children’s Media Trends with Stephen O’Rear

E6 – Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams with Terry Whalin

E7 – Which Publishing Path to Take? (Traditional vs Self-Publishing) with Michele Chynoweth     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here

E8 – The ABC’s of Podcasting – Acoustics, Broadcasting, Connection with Patti Shene     Click Here

E9 – Practical Goal Setting for Procrastinating Writers with Robert Ruesch   Click Here


Thursday – 2:15-3:05

1A – Connecting in the Industry with DeeDee Lake

1B – Brand, Expand, and Plan with Dr. Sharon Noris Elliott

1C – Be BOLD! Bridging the Gap with Edgy Christian Fiction with Michele Chynoweth     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here

1D – Writing to Heal with Yvonne Ortega

1E – Yes, You Can Write Compelling Copy for Kids with Marianne Hering

1F – How to Get Published: The Basics and Beyond with Twila Belk     Click Here

1H – Avoid the Scams to Happily Self-Publish with Amy Deardon   Click here

1G – Platform Boosting Email Newsletters with Thomas Umstattd Jr.

1IAn Inside Scoop on Marketing with Stephanie Alton


Thursday – 5:15-6:05

2A – Storyboarding with Dr. Sharon Norris Elliott

2B – Felt Needs Writing with Jeanette Littleton

2C – The Twelve Essential Elements for Creative Character Development with Michelle Laurek     Click Here

2D – Writing About Trauma with Yvonne Ortega

2E – Fantasy Genres . . . Where Do I Belong? with Rowena Kuo

2F – Book Proposal Distinctions with Terry Whalin

2G – Alternatives to Traditional Publishing with Larry Carpenter     Click Here

2H – Marketing for Writers and Spakers with Karen Porter

2I – Metadata Demystified: The Keys to Book Discoverability with Catherine Lawton


Friday – 2:15-3:05

3A – Is Ghostwriting for You? with Twila Belk     Click Here

3B – Excellence in Writing: Four Painful Steps with Tim Riter     Click Here

3C – Researching Historical Fiction: Writing a Window Into Another World with Lynn Dean and Gail Kittleson     Click Here     Click Here

3D – Live a Page-Turner, Leave a Legacy, Write Your Story: An Introduction to Legacy Writing with Robin Grunder

3E – The Heart of Inspirational Romance with Susan Baganz     Click Here

3F – How to Get Published – Guaranteed with Dr. James Hanak     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here

3G – Cover Design and Creation with Daniel Mawhinney

3H – How to Sell Yourself with Thomas Umstattd Jr.

3I – Paying to Play: Prioritizing Your Marketing Budget with Michele Chynoweth     Click Here     Click Here


Friday – 5:15-6:05

4A – How to Be a Great Radio/Podcast Guest with Tez Brooks     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here

4B – Journalistic Techniques in Christian Writing with David Fessenden

4C – Backstory Blowout with Rowna Kuo

4D – Write for Guideposts Devotional Books with Sandy Kirby Quandt     Click Here

4E – Equip, Engage, and Empower Children to Stand Against the Culture Clash with Joan Benson and Marjorie Wingert     Click Here     Click Here

4F – What Editors Wish Writers Knew with Jeanette Littleton

4G – Best Publishing Plan for You with Catherine Lawton

4H – Using Media in Speaking with Karen Porter

4I – Sell Your Book Without a Platform with Amy Deardon    Click here


Saturday – 2:00-2:50

5A – Co-Authoring: 1st Hand Experience with Susan Baganz and DeeDee Lake

5B – Write to Evoke and Provoke with Catherine Lawton

5C – When Setting Becomes a Character with Gail Kittleson

5D – Writing Devos with Twila Belk     Click Here

5E – How to Make Sure Your Picture Book is Better than AI with Mariane Hering

5F – Start Selling Now with Small Assignment with Terry Whalin

5G – Formatting Your Book with Daniel Mawhinney

5H – Reaching Women with Linda Evans Shepherd

5I – Your Platform May be Bigger than You Think with David Fessenden


Saturday – 3:45-4:35

6A – Don’t Despise the Small Things (Blogging) with Sandy Kirby Quandt     Click Here

6B – How Poetry Improves Prose with Tim Riter     Click Here

6C – Subplot Sanity with Amy Deardon   Click here

6D – The 21 Elements of a Great Nonfiction Book with Tez Brooks     Click Here     Click Here

6E – Teens in a Class All Their Own with Jeanette Littleton

6F – From Conference to Contract: Turning Your One Sheet into a Stellar Proposal with Michelle Lazurek     Click Here

6G – The Art of the Hook: Crafting Irresistible Back Cover Copy with Michael Klassen

6I – Effective and Economical Ways to Market Your Book with Larry Carpenter and Shane Crabtree